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Top 13 Best & Craziest Star Wars Cars!

A long, long time ago,
in a galaxy not so far away
fans began to adapt their cars
to look like their favourite
Star Wars stars!

We have collected some of the coolest and weirdest customised cars for people that obviously take Star Wars very seriously, scroll down to see out top list.

1. White Dodge Stormtrooper Cars: Uber; a company that connects drivers to millions of riders across the UK, teamed up with Hot Wheels to create a rather striking fleet of Stormtrooper cars. Free rides were then offered to Uber clients.

Source: Credit to Car and Driver


2.    Chevrolet Corvette Darth Vader Car: This intensively modified 6th generation Corvette is another of Hot Wheels’ quirky creations. Designed to look like Darth Vader’s helmet, the car is drivable and contains a lot of specially designed features!

Source: credit to The Very Best Top 10


3.    Lamborghini Murcielago: Entered into the annual Gold Rush Rally, this driver commissioned an amazing new design, which was dubbed “The Rogue Fighter".

Source: Credit to Auto Blog, BrianZuk 2011

4.    ‘Attack of the Clones’ Nissan 350Z: Say ‘hi’ to R2D2, he appears to be hitching a ride in this fully-functioning, customised Nissan!

Source: Credit to Car Throttle, Reddit

5.    1977 Dodge: Check out this 6 wheeler. The wrap-around design features scenes from three different Star Wars films. You could transport a fair few fans in this one!

Source: Credit to Pinterest


6.    Fiat 500: We think that the Fiat 500 wears the R2D2 design rather well! 

Source: Credit to Fiat 500 Owners


7.    1974 Corvette: If you enjoy browsing Star Wars items on Ebay, you may have spotted this stunning car. In the seller’s description, the car was stated to have been, ‘airbrushed in the late 1970's with the Star Wars theme. Every body panel was hand airbrushed freestyle using many candy apples, pearl, purples, silvers, reds, blues, yellows,  and many more.’   

Source: Credit to


8.    ATST Walker Car: Despite appearances, this car is a fully functional armoured car with a 320 HP v8 Engine!

Source: Credit to DPC Cars

9.    Chrysler PT Cruiser: Getting quirkier still, here’s another take on the Stormtrooper design – no chance of bumping your head with this one! 

Source: Credit to Pinterest


10.    C-3PO Camaro: Check out the finish on the body of this golden C-3PO Camaro! You’d certainly be turning heads!

Source: Credit to Pinterest


11.    This hard-core fan has some amazing wrap-around designs on his / her hatchback!



12.    F1 Car: The racing track looked like a scene from Star Wars with a team of Stormtroopers working on the car. Darth Vader would be proud of this vehicle!

Source: Credit Red Bull


13.    Fan Car Seats: Not quite ready to take the leap and customise your car to the extent of the ones featured above? Why not try these car seat covers? They can be washed and are not a permanent fixture. 

Source: Credit to Pinterest


Fancy something fun? Why not opt for a personalised registration. With plates such as ‘YI 0DA’ or ‘JED II4E’, you could incorporate a unique, personalised Star Wars theme to your own car! Did you spot the one photoshopped car? 

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