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Blue has been voted for as the most popular car colour choice!

Choosing a new car is like picking your favourite sweet out from a pick n mix stand; a difficult decision that is pondered over for many hours of the day. From choosing the model, car dealership and added specifications, there are a million and one things to consider when taking the keys home to your new wheels.

The colour of one’s car can be an indicator of one’s personality and a recent survey by AA populous poll of 25,910 drivers, to find out what colour car customers would choose had revealed that blue was a far more popular choice than silver or black.

The AA had reported that ‘the higher the social status the more likely the driver was to own a silver car although the true blues were more represented by C1 social class (lower middle class).’

Surprisingly blue was voted drivers’ top choice of car colour at 21% and silver followed with 19% and black at 18%. Unsurprisingly, extreme colours such as white, red, yellow and beige are at the bottom of the leaderboard. It seems to be the case that customers take into account that black or white denote status, whilst outrageous and whacky colours are harder to re-sell. Fashion trends may have revived the 1970’s look, but cars have not yet caught on!

Interestingly, younger drivers aged 18-24 tend to opt for darker choices such as black (29%), blue (17%) and white (15%). The older generation aged 65 and over choose silver, blue and red as their top car colour choices.

Blue is an overall popular choice for the majority of drivers surveyed, yet the actual percentage selecting blue had decreased, with silver decreasing even more from 29% in 2013 to 19% in 2015. A reporter from the AA had stated ‘Silver was the most popular during the recession possibly as people wanted to feel prosperous by showing off a precious metal colour.’

Your car colour says a lot about yourself and for those car savvy enthusiasts, a particular colour is an influence of the car model it is sprayed onto!

Can you imagine a green Ferrari or a blue Lamborghini? We think not!

Take a look at the top car colour choices!

1. Blue 21% (23%, 23%)
2. Silver 19% (29%, 25%)
3. Black 18% (23%, 14%)
4. Red 14% (9%, 11%)
5. White 8% (4%, 4%)
6. Green 5% (6%, 7%)
7. Two colours, i.e., white/black 3% (na)
8. Yellow 2% (1%, 1%)
9. Beige 1% (1%, 1%)

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