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Car modifications that could decrease not increase the value of your car

A growing number of drivers are having their vehicles modified and upgraded to make driving more comfortable, fun and enjoyable. Whilst your car could be the second most valuable asset in your life (the first being your home), drivers believe that adding high-luxury modifications and features to a car that are unusual could add value to your car when you decide to sell.

However, many drivers are unware that the same upgrades can drastically lower the value of their car on the resale market. Furthermore, they can also make it more difficult to sell when deciding to buy a new vehicle.


Listed below are some of the most popular car upgrades that will decrease rather than increase the value of your car: 



Premium sound system

Whilst making music sound better and make those long trips more enjoyable, premium sound system will not help you sell your car quicker nor get a better price. First, upgraded sound system appeals to an extremely small group of drivers and second, even those who do like it usually prefer to buy the “basic” models and upgrade the sound system themselves. 



Photo credit: socrates471/Shutterstock 


Engine modifications

These are not necessarily bad but even though things such as remapping and chipping can improve the performance of the car considerably, they are a huge turn-off on the second-hand car market. First, they are highly likely invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty if there is any and second, they may be misinterpreted by potential buyers who may think that your vehicle’s performance was unsatisfactory. 



Photo credit: Lena Pan/Shutterstock 


Custom paint 

It can definitely help you make your car stand out from the crowd and attract more attention of the resale market. However, it is more likely to decrease rather than increase the resale value of your car for two reasons. First, it is extremely difficult to find a buyer who wouldn’t want to change a thing and second, custom paint means more expensive repairs which is a major turn-off for most buyers. 



Photo credit: Dmitry Kalinovsky/Shutterstock  



Big exhausts, wings and spoilers

These ‘speak’ to a very small group of drivers who may be prepared to pay a premium price for a car including either of these upgrades. For the overwhelming majority, they are a no-no especially the aftermarket versions. 



Photo credit: fabiodevilla/Shutterstock 


Roof rack 

Surprisingly, this highly popular and very useful feature won’t help you sell your car quicker nor get a better price. This is because a roof rack doesn’t make your car look better but rather ruins it’s aesthetic appeal. So it may be a good idea to take it down and offer it as an extra to prospective buyers instead of than leaving it on during viewings. 



Photo credit: alexfan32/Shutterstock 


Alloy wheels

According to many motoring experts, alloy wheels are one of the easiest ways to enhance both the look and value of your car. In reality, however, many second-hand car buyers are not prepared to pay a higher price just because your car includes good looking alloy wheels. Furthermore, they can even make your car more difficult to sell, especially if it has large or ‘outdated’ wheels. 



Photo credit: easyshutter/Shutterstock 



Bumper stickers

These are extremely undesirable on the second-hand car market and almost always decrease the vehicle’s value as they often tend to be very difficult to remove. If having any bumper stickers, it is a good idea to have them removed before the viewings if you want to get a better price for your car. 



Photo credit: Fixazh/Shutterstock 

Feature image credit: Tupungato/Shutterstock 

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