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Finding a private plate for your budget

When searching for your own personal registration plate your budget can often dictate your choices. The private number plate industry has been around for over 50 years and during this time many types of registration styles have since been used, of which each have their own merits and limitations.

This article aims to provide you with some tips and tricks helping you to identify which style of registration is right for you, your expectations and your budget while looking for a private plate that may match your name or initials.

A Budget of £5000+

For buyers that have a larger budget there are more styles and combinations available.

Full name spellings from the new style, prefix and suffix registration types such as first names for example J4 MES, H4 RRY, M3 GAN or N1 GEL or last names such as S1 NGH, KN11 GHT or PA12 KER.

Dateless Number plates are a good option on a higher budget, but these can also be limited due to how the number plates are formatted. As an example, the maximum number of letters for a dateless registration is 3. Due to this limitation, a first or last name spelling can be difficult to achieve.

As an example, dateless number plates or cherished number plates as they are also known can be most popular with a personís 2 or 3 initials such as Michael James Smith MJS 100, Teresa Jones TJ 55 or John Smith JS 7.

The pricing structure of dateless registrations can often be different to that of the other number plate styles, this being that most of the time the shorter the number/letter combination the higher the price. With new style, prefix and suffix registration styles this is not often the case as a full name such as EL11 OTT or PO11ARD are not possible with any other registration type such as a dateless, therefore are much rarer and highly sought after.

A Budget of £1500 - £5000

With this budget buyers often choose from all styles of registration available to them. In most cases buyers will need to be creative when searching for their private plate. Buyers often make use of the advanced search tools available or think in elaborate ways to interpret a first or last name-based numbers and letters available both within the style of registration they are looking for and what is available on the market at the time of searching.

Some examples of names which buyers search for with differing replacement of letters for numbers could be BE51 CKY, JA51 PER, W39 NDY, EL11 LEN or AND19Y. Variations of full/last names such as NS17NGH, AK11NGG or SU02LEE.

Dateless number plates also fall into this budget; however, buyers can often be limited within this price range with longer dateless lengths and mostly initials for example names such as MEL 974, WIL 52, LES 133 and 986 JOE. While initials can be limited to PH 368, 2NJA, 8 VRT and 247 WB.

In most circumstances these can still be sought after initial and name combinations, but this often depends on how many of these are on the market at the time while increasing the rarity of a particular combination of letters.

A Budget of £500 - £1500

With this budget range buyers are often limited to the new-style, prefix and suffix style of registrations. Most find it difficult to form names or words above a 3-letter combination and therefore dealers often recommend buyers to search for initials or a shortened version of their names for example SC11 LEE, DF03 DAN, KEV 727C, J9 OHN, or LA15 ARA, or initial plates such as: K1 GDY, V6RMC.

On rare occasions buyers have had success on obtaining dateless number plates within this budget but these usually fall under the Irish number plate format which include numbers such as LEZ 7911, TEZ 4576, BIG 4007 and LIL 5428.

Although Irish Number plates arenít usually sought-after private registrations because of the 4 numbers and limited letter combinations. prices can be very appealing for buyers with a much lower budget seeking a private registration that can be assigned to any vehicle regardless of its age.

A Budget of less than £500

A smaller budget will most likely limit the availability of private registrations for very common names such as BEN, DAN, JOE or GIL. Or sets of initials such as MJP, GRS or DEW. This is due to many of the cheaper registrations available fall under the new-style format or older dateless and Irish registration formats.

In most cases lower price registrations will be less sought after which means there are many thousands of variations of each name or initial combinations available giving you a much greater choice.

Our advice for buyers who have a lower budget would be to use our number plate search tool. Using this search facility will generate many alternative suggestions that can help our buyers identify possible cheaper combinations within this budget.

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