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Five Benefits of Personalising Your Plates

With the New Year upon us, never has there been a more perfect time to reassess what you need – nay, what your car needs. All year long, the needs of your beloved motor may have slipped by the wayside (bar the annual MOT, insurance top-up and odd car wash when you’re feeling generous) and that needs to change: a private number plate may just be the luxury item both you and your automobile deserve – and never knew you needed! Let’s take a look at just some of the many benefits…


Benefit 1: Individuality  

Why follow a trend when you can set a trend? A personalised plate allows you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd: be bold and express your own distinctive character. If chosen wisely, it’s a personalised gift that will highlight your unique identity, whether you’re travelling cross country or making use of your local car park. Plus, with general quality standards across mainstream vehicle markets having never been higher, it’s getting harder and harder to make your vehicle truly your own. Take advantage of the opportunity to make change! 



Benefit 2: Creativity 

With a million possible number and letter combinations you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are creating something completely original and unlike anything else. There can only be one of any number of plates in circulation at one time, which means there will be no imitation plates or repetitions; just genuine creative flair, which you can showcase wherever you go. 



Benefit 3: Value

A personalised plate can bring a fully custom look and feel to your vehicle. It won’t guarantee profit but it’s likely to encourage it and, depending on how savvy you are, you may just end up with a commodity that never goes anywhere but up in value – especially over time. Certainly, as each plate is unique there’s no chance of it being replicated and that has a value all of its own. 



Benefit 4: Reinvention  

Buying a new, personalised plate will allow you the opportunity to add something to your car that will immediately revitalise and reinvent its image – particularly if you happen to own an older model.  Not only this, but private plates can mask the ‘age giveaway’ that can be noted instantly with a standard plate; leaving you with an opportunity to knock off the years, without any hassle.  Hey presto, who ordered the brand new car?!



Benefit 5: It’s The Perfect Gift

Ensure you gift unlike ever before and go original, by presenting a personalised plate to a loved one! Your daughter may have just passed her driving test and needs something special for her first car; maybe granddad’s finally retired and needs a fitting tribute to display on his truck; you may even know someone that is about to set up a business and is certain to need a little extra publicity…! One thing’s for certain, they’ll never receive a present quite like it. Whatever the case, make sure to consult click4reg today!



Feature image credit: Lenscap Photography / Shutterstock 

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