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How the Other Half Drive

When it comes to celebs, business moguls, footballers and socialites, there’s one thing that springs immediately to mind: Cash – lots and lots of it.

Their financial success is made an exhibition of with fat leather wallets, diamonds, lavish mansions and, arguably some of their most outlandish purchases of all - driveways lined with extraordinary cars.

If you’ve ever tried googling ‘Celebrities’ and ‘Cars’, you’ve probably been greeted by images of Porsche’s, Lambo’s, and Ferrari’s (to name but a few). However, if you thought all of the lucky loaded few preferred exorbitant motors to bog-standard run-arounds – you thought wrong.

Seems some of the richest young things favour a humble hatchback to an extravagant sporty piece, and we have to say, we kind of rate them for it...




Leonardo DiCaprio – Toyota Prius Hybrid

Yes he’s still yet to win an Oscar, but Leo has been on Hollywood’s hot radar ever since he broke hearts all over the world with a baby faced performance in 1997 blockbuster – Titanic. So does he own a Ferrari, Lambo, even a Merc? Nope. Environmentally conscious DiCaprio gets himself from A to B in 4-cylinder Toyota Prius Hybrid, instead. Ok, the Prius starts at £12,750, so not dirt cheap - but you’d think a movie star of his standing would loosen the purse strings a little more?



Justin Timberlake – Volkswagen Jetta

He’s young, hot and minted (his net worth currently stands at 200 mil) – but this singer, actor and Hollywood Hottie gets around in a rather practical set of wheels - a fourth generation, white Volkswagen Jetta. We can’t help but think he does it on purpose – after all – what better way to escape being noticed and chased by adoring fans when running errands? Clever.



Clint Eastwood – GMC Typhoon

With one of Hollywood’s most successful and longest spanning careers (50 years to be exact) – we’d expect Mr Eastwood’s ride of choice to be equally impressive. In reality, Clint bowls around in a 22 year old GMC Typhoo worth a meagre £20,000. And it’s one of the most un-anaesthetic shades of green we’ve ever seen…



Daniel Radcliffe – Fiat Punto

When it comes to Mr Radcliffe, ‘rich’ simply doesn’t cover it – this is a guy who had millions saved before his 18th birthday. But what did the star of Harry Potter treat himself to upon coming of age? A Bentley? Bugatti? Aston Martin, perhaps? No, no, and hell no. Daniel actually shelled out £11,600 for a sensible Fiat Punto. Reportedly the reason behind his practical purchase was his penchant for saving the environment – the tiny 1.8l Fiat will do wonders for reducing Dan’s carbon footprint, at least…



Mel Gibson – Toyota Cressida

The ‘Mad Max’ star has driven his fair share of powerful cars on screen, but off screen the A list celebrity opts for something a little more understated – namely a silver sixth generation Toyota Cressida. The exact year of the model is unconfirmed, meaning the car could be worth anything between £200 and ten grand. So he hasn’t exactly splashed out, either way...



Jennifer Lawrence – Volkswagen Eos

Ever since the ‘Hunger Games’ hit the big screen in 2012, J-law has been the most popular woman in Hollywood – with a pay check to match (we suspect). Her car of choice - a Volkswagen Eos – tells a very different story. Granted, it’s not the ugliest car on the road, and is still worth a good £23,000– but come on Jen, you could easily own a car ten times the price! Guess she’s too busy winning Oscars to care…



Mark Zuckerberg – Acura TSX

One of the ‘World’s Most Influential People’ with a net worth of $26 billion probably drives a suitably excessive car, right? The billionaire business man behind the phenomenon that is Facebook (who’s also had a film made about him – FYI) doesn’t drive a Ferrari, Porsche or Corvette, oh no. Instead, Mark is the proud owner of a very modest Acura TSX worth £20,000 – basically change in the bottom of his pocket.


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