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How to Prepare Your Car for Winter: 7 Key Steps

During the winter months, your car faces excessive strain with heavy wind, rain and even snow. If you want to avoid any unexpected maintenance and servicing bills, make sure you prepare your car before winter.

Unsure how to prepare your car for winter weather? Don’t stress

Click4Reg has listed 7 easy steps to keep your car on the roads.


1. Get your car serviced

Is your car due a service? It is recommended to service your car before the winter months. Nearly half of all breakdowns (especially during the winter months), could be avoided through regular servicing and maintenance checks.

car serviced

PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/ 4 PM production


2. Test your battery

During winter additional stress is placed on your car battery, with low temperatures reducing your car’s battery power up to 50%. Because of this, it is vital to get your battery checked by a mechanic before the cold months.

If your battery is faulty or old, we recommend you install a new battery, to avoid any risk of it breaking down.

check car battery



3. Check the engine coolant

Check your engine coolant is fully functioning with no leaks. Your coolant should include 50% water and 50% antifreeze, or else it may overheat during the cold months. If you are unsure, empty your coolant and refill it with the correct measurements.

Note: This tip does not apply if you drive an electric car.


4. Check the condition of your tyres

Driving with worn out tyres is extremely dangerous (even in perfect conditions). However, in winter, when road conditions are dangerous, driving with faulty tyres can cause fatal accidents. Fresh tyres are needed to ensure you stop quickly and safely.

Firstly, check your tyres are at the right pressure. Simply visit your local garage and use the tyre pressure gauge available.

Secondly, make sure your tyres are not worn out and still have a tread depth of at least 1.66mm (although during the winter months if your tyres are below a 3mm tread depth, you should install new tyres).

tyres in the snow

PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/VitaminCo


5. Clean and check your lights

Make sure all your car lights are fully functioning. During winter, your road vision is often seriously affected by dark and poor conditions. So, to drive safely throughout winter, it is vital all your lights are clean and fully functionally. Remember fog lights should only be used in extreme weather conditions.


6. Check your windscreen and wipers

Check your wipers are not worn away, to avoid scratching or damaging your windscreen. Wipers that squeak or smear, are signs you need new ones! Especially during the winter months where more rain and mud are found on the roads, it is important your wipers are fully functioning.

Furthermore, it is recommended to fill your wiper fluid with antifreeze, to protect your screen from freezing.


7. Pack an emergency winter set in your car

In the unlikely event that your car breaks down, it is important to be prepared.

You should keep an emergency winter set in your car at all times. This should include…

1. A warning triangle

2. Warm clothing or blankets

3. A torch and spare batteries

4. An Ice scraper or anti-freeze

5. A Spare tyre

winter emergency kit

PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/ Varavin88

If you are servicing your car for the winter months, why not make it look nice at the same time? Adding a personalised number plate is an easy way to make your car look unique. Find your dream plate at Click4Reg today!


Featured image credit: ShutterStock/ northallertonman

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