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Motorcycle Vanity Plate Ideas

Personalised number plates are a fun way to customise your car and have it express something about you – your name, nickname, business, favourite football team etc.

When we think of custom number plates, cars are the first vehicles that comes to mind. However, motorcyclists can also fit their bikes with personalised plates, even though they may only have one number plate on the rear (instead of having one on both ends like cars do).

Here are some motorcycle vanity plate ideas for those looking to add a personal touch to their two-wheeled vehicles.




Motorcyclists are known colloquially as bikers. The following motorcycle vanity plates are perfect for those who want to make it seem like they’re in a biker gang – nobody will want to pick fights with you if you sport one of these and dress appropriately. Leather apparel and anything with metal spikes will make you look the part!


BYK 3R – price: £8355



B1KER – price: £55000



BY## KER – prices vary depending on which two numbers you choose


B13 KEE – price: £795





The next few motorcycle vanity license plates are perfect for those moped drivers amongst us. Mopeds are smaller than most motorcycles and usually feature pedals, much like bicycles. Because of their small engines (about 49cc) most of them can’t go much faster than 30 mph.


MO69 PED – price: £2666


MO11 PED – price £2666


MO02 PED – price £1122


PED 3L – price £6000





Scooter drivers rejoice! These next motorcycle vanity plate ideas are perfect for proud scooterists. Scooters feature an enclosed engine which sits atop a floorboard. They are one of the comfiest motorcycle types to drive due to their wide floorboards, which you can comfortably place your feet on while you ride. Unlike mopeds, scooters are not limited in terms of engine size. Moped engines usually start at 50cc and can go up to 650cc, being able to reach speeds of up to 81 mph.


SC07 0ER – price £686


SC07 ERR – price £686


SC07 RSS – price £686


SC07 TRX – price £1122



What Next?

With such high prices on this list, you might next want to find out why custom number plates are so expensive. Perhaps a further foray into the history of number plates will help answer this question more thoroughly.

We hope you enjoyed the list above. However, if you would like to put together your own custom number plate, you can go ahead an check out our guide to coming up with your own personalised number plate ideas!

Also, if you’re not sure you’d want to spend so much on a custom number plate for your motorcycle, try using our guide to finding cheap number plates; you might just get lucky and find a plate you love for a low price.


Feature image credit: Virojt Changyencham / Shutterstock

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