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Statistics Reveal the UK Areas for the Worst Vehicle Crime in 2016

Vehicle crime has become a way of life for many opportunist criminals. It’s one of the most preventable crimes, yet many forget to take the right precautions to avoid becoming a victim. Here at Click4Reg, we decided to find the total number of vehicle crime cases that were reported to different police forces/constabularies across the UK in 2016 using data derived from Vehicle crime according to the police data was classified as “theft from or of a vehicle or interference with a vehicle”. 

Our analysis of 43 different police forces/constabularies revealed that the Metropolitan Police had the highest number of vehicle crimes in 2016 at an astonishing 89,900. Metropolitan Police was closely followed by West Midlands Police, who had 29,106 cases of vehicle crime reported. In third place, was Greater Manchester Police, with 24,298 cases of vehicle crime in 2016. 

City of London Police had the lowest number of vehicle crimes, with only 177 being reported in 2016. Dyfed-Powys Police had significantly more cases of vehicle crime at 1,103. Above Dyfed-Powys Police was Cumbria Constabulary, who had 1,183 cases of vehicle crime reported to them in 2016.


Photo credit: Daniel Jedzura/Shutterstock 


Vehicle Theft In Numbers

According to data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), 71% of all vehicle-related theft occurs during the week. Additionally, night time is when the majority of vehicle-related theft is most likely to happen, with 43% occurring during this period of the day.  

Moreover, 43% of all vehicle-related theft occured because drivers did not adequately lock the doors of their vehicle. Exterior fittings were the most stolen items at 26%.  Valuables such as handbags, shopping bags, wallets, purses and clothes were the next most stolen items at 20%. Electrical equipment like sat nav’s and mobile phones were surprisingly the third most stolen items from vehicles at 16%. 

In terms of actual vehicles being stolen rather than the context of what’s inside them, vehicles valued between £1,000-£4,999 are the most targeted at 42% 


Effective Steps To Prevent Vehicle Crime 


Doors and Windows 

Make every effort to close windows and fully lock the vehicle when leaving it on your own property, at work or elsewhere. 


Valuable Possessions 

Remove all valuable possessions out of plain sight when not in the vehicle - such as mobile phones, car radio, wallets, purses, sat nav’s and any items of clothing. All of these items are attractive propositions for opportunist criminals and thieves seeking high-value items to capitalise on. 



Always aim to park your vehicle in a well-lit area, as sufficient lighting will more than likely deter a criminals motivation to target your vehicle - particularly if you have any luxury car modifications, such as a personalised number plate.


Car Alarm

Potentially invest in extra protection for your vehicle. A car alarm can go a long way in adding extra security to your vehicle. A steering wheel lock could also be an option, as they are often cost effective and easy to install. 



If possible, try and avoid storing your valuable possessions in the glove box as well as the boot. Criminals and thieves are well aware posessions could be kept here, even if it is not visible.



If you’re making journeys to unfamiliar locations and sites, seek to plan ahead. In doing so, you can avoid going through and parking in high crime areas. Also beneficially find safer alternative routes to travel through. 


Ben Leonard, Managing Director of commented:

“The figures are certainly fascinating. Vehicle crime is certainly more prevalent than anyone would expect. Whilst unfortunate, there are various effective actions that drivers can take to safeguard their vehicle from any potential crime. All drivers should aim to make simple steps such as locking doors and removing all valuable possessions when not in their vehicle a habit. Making such behaviours a daily routine, will go a long way in protecting driver’s vehicles from opportunist criminals and thieves. Overall, more awareness and precaution from drivers can go a significantly long way in reducing the numbers of vehicle crime across the UK”.   


Feature image credit: Daniel Jedzura / Shutterstock

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