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Thinking outside the box when searching for number plates

When searching for a private plate on our website our detailed search system will also search for many types of variations in regards to number plate, styles, replacement letters and numbers, however we do also recommend that customers are aware of these in order to help you appreciate how lucrative it can be to think outside the box when it comes to number plates that are available.

Many customers when looking for a personal number plate which matches their name or business often fail to see some of the ways that number and/or letters can be swapped or substituted which can open up many thousands of additional search results or personal plates to choose from that previous remained hidden.

It's also a good way to find a unique plate that other customers may have overlooked, so can be quite lucrative for some potential buyers to get in the right mind set when thinking about alternative plate ideas.

Using combinations of numbers for letters

When searching many do not realise that many numbers can actually represent letters and in some cases 2 letters can represent 1 letter and vice versa, here are some examples:

12 = R

Examples of this include:


11 = I, L or LL
111 = I, L or LL

Examples of these include:

SA11 YXX, W117 SON, W1 LSN, LL11 ZZY, SS11 NGH, T1 MMY, SHE 11Y, CON 311Y, LEW 1S, BA11 EYS

57,75 = ST, TS

Examples of these include:

JON 570N, CHR 571E, STU 475, WA75 ONS, AU57 YNN

5, 55 = S & SS

Examples of these include:

RO55 XXX, RU55 ELL, JE55 EEE, 155 AC, CHR 15,CHR 155S, JU55 TYN, FOR 35T

41 = AI

Examples of these include:

SH 41, SIN 641R, CR41 GGG, 41 TKN, 41 DEN, JJ41 DEN, CC41 DEN, Z41 NNN, J41 MEE

51 = SI

Examples of these include:

51 MON, XX51 MON, NNA 51R, A51 AXX, AA51 FFF

As you can see from these examples many combinations of numbers and letters can be used both at the beginning and in different locations within the letler arrangement, some obviously match better than others, but when it comes to the number pate industry whereby there is only a limited number of plates available that may match a particular name or phrase some of these techniques can allow customers to find some real gems that others may have missed.

Remember the DVLA golden rule when it comes to number plates

Obviously these suggestions need to be taken as a guide when trying your own ideas whole searching as other factors may apply to the plates your vehicle is eligible for, including the year of your vehicles original registration as the golden rule set by the DVLA is that "You cannot make your vehicle appear newer then its original registration year".

Other tips

Try shortened names?

Many first names can be made shorter or have nicknames associated with them, some customers may be aware of them such as obvious ones like Gaz for Gary or Daz for Darren, however some names can have a whole range of alternatives available such as the name Rebecca, which gives many possibles including, Becca, Beca, Becky, Becki and Bex, this along with all the options to swap letters for numbers mean there are hundreds of variations available for buyers.

Here are some common examples of shortened names or nicknames that can generate many search results for number plates.


Double/Triple letters or Place Fillers

Some customers with shorter names or those who are unable to match the required length of certain plate types such as newstyle with 7 total digits can double up letters for certain names as follows:

TA11 MYY, KE11 YYY, AL11 ANN, K111 NGG, TR11 SHH

Another popular technique is to use X, XX, XXX (sometimes know as a kiss symbol) to fill gaps at the beginning or end of a name or word, for example:

KAZ 23X, SA11 YSX, BEX 888X, CH44 ZZX, X1 WYL, X11 TEZ

We hope that this article has opened you eyes to the many possibilities for alternative number plates that may be sitting in plain sight within our extensive search results of over 50 million number plates, so have fund and we wish you all the best when searching for your perfect number plate.

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