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Top 10 High-Power Hybrids

Natural energy resources are gradually depleting and tighter regulations are requiring manufacturer’s to actively lower levels of harmful exhaust emissions, for a better fuel economy and lower CO2. And after the last year's Volkswagen emissions tests scandal that has now cost taxpayers £650,000 in retesting, electric and hybrid cars have come to the forefront. So now more than ever, people are considering buying hybrid alternatives. The merging of electric and petrol power is creating innovative ideas and possibilities for car designers worldwide that have not been discovered before. Gone are the days where owning a hybrid and saving the planet meant a 0-60 of 13 seconds and a measely 70 hp. These 10 high-power hybrid cars are far from sluggish off the start line:


Top performing hybrid cars


1. Honda CR-Z


Photo credit: Thampapon / Shutterstock

Dubbed the world’s first hybrid sport’s car by Autoexpress. The Honda CR-Z was revealed in 2010 and looked like a promising step in the right direction for Honda. However, as this year’s model has shown no improvements in power the Honda CR-Z has yet to kick out the kind of speed and power we would want from a performance hybrid. If you’re willing to compromise space and power, then this two-door hybrid is a nice car with decent eco credentials.

•    Engine: 1.5 litre engine, paired with a lithium-ion battery delivering a modest 19bhp 
•    Output: 135bhp 
•    0-60mph in 8.8 seconds on manual transmission
•    Top speed: 130 mph
•    Economy: 34mpg
•    CO2: 117 g/km
•    Price: £23,000
•    Available now


2. Peugeot 308 R Hybrid


Photo credit: Dong liu / Shutterstock

The Peugeot 308 R Hybrid concept is capable of top speeds in the region of 155mph, rivalling the likes of Mercedes AMG and Audi Quattro GmbH. The concept is highly anticipated for production due to large interest and 18 months of development. However, it has no official release date as of yet. But this could be one of the most powerful hybrid/ performance cars of its kind. You shouldn’t expect much change out of £50,000 and most likely a limited run of production. It’s impressive fuel economy and emissions record make it not only one of the most powerful but the most economic and efficient vehicles on our list.

•    Engine: 1.6L THP 270 S&S engine, and two 115hp electric motors.
•    Output: 500 bhp
•    0 – 62mph in 4 seconds
•    Top speed: 155mph
•    Economy: 94.1mpg
•    CO2: 70 g/km
•    Charge: 30 minutes
•    Predicted Price: £50,0oo
•    Release date: TBC


3. Porsche Panamera S Hybrid

Photo credit: Thampapon / Shutterstock

This 5 metre long, sports car meets family car hybrid in every sense of the word is impressively agile for its size. As a luxury saloon hybrid it is pretty quick, boasting a 3.0 litre supercharged V6 engine generating 333 hp and an accompanying 95 hp electric motor to boot.

•    Engine: 3.0 litre diesel V6 engine
•    Output: 416 bhp
•    0 – 62mph in 5.5 seconds 
•    Top speed: 168mph
•    Economy: 91mpg
•    CO2: 71 g/km
•    Charge: 2.3 hours
•    Price: £82,439
•    Release date: Available now


4. Lexus LC500h

Photo credit: VanderWolf Images / Shutterstock

Lexus have revealed, that after four years of waiting, they will be making the LC500 hybrid previewed in 2012. The gorgeously designed hybrid is said to ‘reconnect’ the driver to the driving experience, in a move towards an emotional revolution. The new hybrid setup uses a pair of electric motors paired with a continuously variable transmission. By matching front-mid engine placement and rear-wheel drive, the Lexus is said to match the current Porsche Cayman for driver enjoyment. The new model will also be capable of breaking traction so for the first time you’ll be able to do doughnuts in a Lexus hybrid. All told, this Lexus hybrid is possibly the most exciting piece of hybrid engineering that will compete against the likes of the BMW M6 and other grand tourers. The details of the LC500 hyrbid are limited at the moment, but all will be revealed at the 2016 Geneva Motor show this week. 

•    Engine: 3.5 litre V6 
•    Output: 354 bhp
•    0-62mph in under 5 seconds
•    Top speed: unknown
•    Economy: unknown
•    CO2: 120 g/km
•    Charge: unknown
•    Price: Just under £100,000
•    Release date: Spring 2017


Just for the fun of it here are some of the slightly less affordable, but certainly most exciting, "supercar" hybrids on the planet...


5. BMW i8

Photo credit: bankerwin / Shutterstock

•    Engine: Turbo 3 cylinder 1.6 litre petrol
•    Output: 357 bhp
•    Pure electric range of 22 miles
•    0-60mph in 4.4 seconds
•    Top speed: 160mph
•    Economy: 134.5mpg
•    CO2: 49 g/km
•    Charge: less than 2 hours
•    Price: £100,000
•    Available now


6. Audi R8 E-Tron 

Photo credit: Zavatskiy Aleksandr / Shutterstock

•    Engine: All-electric 49 kWh battery
•    Output: 456 bhp
•    0-62mph in 3.9 seconds
•    Top speed: 155mph
•    Pure electric range of 280 miles on one charge
•    Charge: less than one hour
•    CO2: zero emissions
•    Price: £180,000
•    Release date: 2016


7. Lamborghini Asterion

Photo credit: Jerome PARIS / Shutterstock 

•    Engine: 602 hp 5.2 litre V-10 engine and two electric motors
•    Output: 897 bhp
•    Pure electric range of 50km
•    0-62mph in 3 seconds
•    Top speed: 199mph
•    Economy: 69mpg
•    CO2: 98 g/km
•    Price: £350,000
•    Release date: concept, but Lamborghini will release by 2018


8. Jaguar C-X75

Photo credit: Maksim Toome / Shutterstock

•    Featured in the latest Bond film Spectre & driven into the River Tiber in Rome by villain Mr Hinx
•    Engine: 1.6 litre dual-boosted turbo+super charged F1-inspired petrol
•    Output: 850 bhp
•    Top speed: over 200mph
•    O-62mph in 3 seconds
•    Charge: 40 minutes
•    CO2: 89g/km
•    Price: £750,000
•    Release date: out of production indefinitely (unfortunately)


9. Porsche 918 Spyder

Photo credit: VanderWolf Images / Shutterstock

•    Engine: 608hp 4.6 litre V8
•    Output: 887  bhp
•    Two electric machines with a combined output of 286hp, one front and one rear axle
•    Pure electric range of 30km and top speed of 150km/h
•    Top speed: 214mph
•    0-62 in 2.6 seconds
•    Plug-in technology
•    Charge: under two hours
•    Economy: 44.2mpg (cruise average)
•    CO2: 72 g/km
•    Price: £781, 155


10. Koenigsegg Regera

Photo credit: Ed Aldridge / Shutterstock

•    Engine: 1,100hp Koenigsegg V-8 internal combustion engine alongside a 700hp electric motor
•    Output: over 1500 bhp
•    0-62mph in 2.8 seconds
•    0-249mph in under 20 seconds, making it the fastest accelerating car in the world.
•    Pure electric range of 50km
•    Price: £2 Million
•    Release date: now, but only 80 models produced


Feature image credit: maziarz / Shutterstock

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