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Top Five First Cars

So after weeks of driving lessons and swatting up on the Highway Code, you've finally passed your practical test and you’ve finally got a license under your belt! But now you need to choose your all-important first car and it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly – after all you only get a first car once!

But it is advisable to get yourself a small car, as these are often cheapest to buy and have small engines, which means they’ll be cheaper to run. Not to mention, as a new driver, parking and tricky manoeuvres can be easily mastered in a small run-around.

There are a lot of important considerations to take into account when deciding on your very first car. It is not something you should rush into and you should conduct thorough research and take advantage of expert reviews by those in the industry.

Some questions you may want to consider include:

- Which car and model?

- Is it economical to run?

-  Is it good value for money?

- Is it cheap to insure?

- Is it safe?

Furthermore, you may want to look at any added extras inside your new car too. For example, is there an AUX cord or CD player to play your favourite music? Does the car come with parking sensors or a built-in sat-nav system? 

Thus, as you can see, finding the perfect first car isn’t an easy task. But don't fret, our handy guide to the best first cars should narrow down your choice, making it much more manageable task. 


The top 5 first cars


1. Seat Ibiza – The High-Tech One

The Seat Ibiza moulds Latin style with Volkswagen reliability to make a car that not only looks great but is a safe, smooth ride. The connect model has smartphone technology that allows you to integrate your smartphone and have access to some of your apps through the cars touch screen system. The car is also relatively affordable and comes under low insurance groups.


2. Vauxhall Corsa – The Popular One

The Vauxall Corsa has always been a popular car for first time drivers and students – and for good reason. With lots of great finance options available, this car is pretty affordable whilst being simultaneously reliable. It is a five seater and also spacious at the back, meaning you can take a group of friends out with you in comfort.


3. Ford Fiesta – The Best Seller

The Ford Fiesta is a great looking little car and consequently the bestselling car in Britain. Coming in a variety of different colours, buyers are spoilt for choice. Not only is it spacious inside and attractive on the outside, it is also a dream to drive, combining agility and easy handling with a smooth engine. The popularity of the car and huge Ford network means it’s never hard to find a second hand bargain or car parts, and there will always be a Ford servicing garage nearby!


4. The Mini - The Stylish One

The Mini is a timeless British classic (although it’s owned by Germany now…). Undeniably, the Mini is an expensive purchase and only an option for those with a larger budget to play with; not only will the car itself cost a lot but the insurance will be higher than the aforementioned cars on this list. Saying that, the Mini really is a dream to drive with a sporty feel and a high number of options so you can tailor your car to suit you. The popularity of Mini’s and high desirability factor means this car will hold its value for a long time, so you’re bound to get a decent return when you want to sell it.


5. Hyundai i10 – The Budget One

This car is ideal for first time buyers looking for a smart looking run around that isn’t going to cost them an arm and a leg. It is in the lowest insurance group around and starts from £8,705 new, making it impressively cheap to buy and run. Not only does the Hyundai make for a cheap ride, it also looks remarkably classy and refined for such a low budget first car – not one to be sniffed at!


So there you have it, the top five first cars as picked by us. All that’s left to do is get your priorities in order and go car shopping – happy driving!

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