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What does the colour of your car say about you?

A recent study has confirmed that the colour of a crisp packet has an effect on the way we taste the product inside; surely the same applies to cars, then?

You probably don’t put any more thought into your choice of car colour than whether you like how it looks, or not. But car colour is so much more than just aesthetics, and car manufacturers put a great deal of emphasis on deciding which colours they make certain models of cars available in. In fact, car colour is of utmost importance in the industry, up there with branding, advertising and shape.

Believe it or not, car colours can be some of the best indicators of personality, but not how you’d expect. It’s not uncommon for people to assume bright colours mean a happy positive person, dark mean more serious etc... However, it’s no way near as simple as that. What’s more, car colour preferences differ hugely country to country; according to data from Ford, in the UK we’re black and blue lovers… read on to find out exactly what this means, and what the car colour you choose says about you…


Ride around in a sleek, black set of wheels? Chances are you’re someone of authority, power and status – hence why prime ministers, mayors and officials are rarely seen driving (or more likely being driven around) in any other colour. Denmark, where the days are short, the nights long and the weather cold, are said to be fans of the black car - and we can’t say we’re surprised - black absorbs heat.


The UK’s favourite, a blue car is the mark of a calm, serene person who likes to take their time reflecting and doesn't ever make rash decisions. Laid back, peaceful and composed are more words associated with being the proud owner of a blue ride. We can certainly get on board with the reputation of being a serene and peaceful nation - not sure our roads always epitomise this though…


This one’s obvious. Red equals fiery, passionate and vibrant – and if you’re set of wheels is red, chances are you’re all of the above. Energetic drivers tend to go for a red car, and are most likely to get speeding tickets, apparently. Can’t say we’re surprised…


Green car drivers are intelligent, conscientious and well balanced people with a hell of a lot of patience – no tailgating or over taking to worry about with these guys – they’re the least likely to suffer from road rage. They are hugely sociable people though, so watch out for them talking on their mobiles or texting whilst driving! The highest number of green cars are found in Hungary - a pretty chilled out nation, then.


Yellow is a pretty ‘out-there’ colour for a car, leading many people to wonder why anyone would ever choose it. Well it figures, then, that owners of yellow cars are confident, wacky, garish, and expressive. Fun-loving and bubbly, yellow car owners generally love to be the centre of attention, hence their stand-out choice of colour. Ferrari and Lamborghini are a popular yellow car choice – we don't want to say 'show-offs', but...


More often than not, we think of white cars as more trouble than their worth; they are massive dirt-attractors that need more cleaning than we care to mention. Weirdly, according to statistics, there’s no one type of white car owner – they range from considered, to extrovert to calm, and everything in between. One thing does make sense though – Turkey has the highest proportion of white cars – the blistering heat of the country means getting yourself a light reflecting coloured car is totally logical.

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