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What To Get Your Dad For Fathers Day?

The father figures in our lives are notoriously hard to buy for, so Father’s Day can be a daunting occasion for many of us. However, most dads & stepdads have in common is a love of cars, bikes or just anything with an engine near it is usually is enough, so you can’t go wrong with a fancy new gift like a personalised number plate, right? 


Why get your Dad a personalised number plate for Father's Day?

As years have passed, you have likely gifted your dad every gift under the sun for Father’s Day, from chocolate that gets guzzled in a matter of minutes to plastic trophies and personalised mugs that sit in the cupboard, collecting dust. So why not spoil your dad with something a bit more interesting this year, like a private plate. 


What makes a private plate a good gift?

Dads are renowned for loving fast cars and excitement, so personalised plates for cars are the perfect opportunity to get them a gift they’ll love. Our customers love gifting personalised car plates as they are:

  • Long-lasting gifts that they can cherish for years to come.

  • A thoughtful and personalised present for Father's Day. 

  • Trendy and exciting for fathers of all ages. 

  • An investment to suit every budget

  • Cars are used regularly, so you will certainly get your money’s worth. 

  • Available at short notice for last-minute gift-getters!

So, if you are looking for a memorable Father’s Day present that shows your appreciation and admiration for your dad (or even grandad!), then a personalised plate could be the perfect purchase...


The best Father's Day personalised number plate ideas 

When buying a personalised number plate as a gift, you want to ensure that the plate you choose encapsulates the things they like, or things that represent them well to make it as special and tailored to them as possible. 

  • Your dad's initials 

  • Their favourite football team 

  • A variation of their name 

  • Their favourite hobbies 

  • Their birth year 

  • The year they received the plate 

If that hasn’t given you enough inspiration, then we have a few, more specific ideas for your dad’s personalised plate:

  • BE51 DAD

  • J2 DAD 

  • YE55 DAD 

  • DAD 4M

  • BD55 DAD 

  • 7 DAD 

  • BE51 PA 

  • R24 DAD

  • L60 DAD 

  • 84 DAD

  • BT03 DAD 

  • M25 DAD

  • UK70 DAD 

  • X888 DAD 

Of course, personalised number plates cost different prices depending on the demand, how clearly they spell specific words, phrases and names and other factors, such as the style, year of plate and number combination. So you should keep your budget in mind when searching for the perfect personalised number plate for Father’s Day, as the price will naturally be a big determining factor when choosing the right one. 



How to buy a personalised number plate for your Dad

If you’re unsure about where to get a new number plate, look no further. Browse through our extensive range of over 45,000,000 number plates on our database to find the perfect private reg for your Dad.

When gifting a personalised number plate with Click4Reg, the process is as follows:

  • Find the perfect private plate for your recipient (Dad). 

  • Fill in your address, nominee name and pay online - yes, it really is that simple! We also offer flexible payment options for those that would rather pay on a monthly basis. 

  • Wait for your email confirmation and to receive your ownership documents. We work fast to ensure you receive the gift promptly and securely. 

We know that some people worry that buying a private plate as a gift can be a complex and time-consuming process, but they couldn’t be more wrong. In fact: 

  • You won’t need the vehicle documents when purchasing the plate. However, you will need to use these when you transfer the registration. Fortunately, this can be done by your dad after receiving the gift at a later date, so as not to spoil the surprise! 

  • On the certificate, a registration number is added along with the name of the purchaser (probably you!) and the name of the gift recipient (your dad!)

  • If you live with your dad or stepdad and want to prevent him from finding out about the gift when it arrives, you can even order it to be delivered to a neighbour or friend’s property instead. 

  • The personalised plate (or the rights to use it) last 10 years, so all your dad needs to do is renew it before those years pass, making it an easy gift to maintain and enjoy. 


How to present your personalised number plate on Father's Day

As with all Father’s Day gifts, presentation is key, but even more so with a present as thoughtful and exciting as a new personalised car plate.

If you are wondering how to display your personalised number plate gift in an impressive way, we recommend the following things: 

1. Purchasing a smart-looking number plate gift box to put the acrylic number plate in if you have a physical version of it available in time. This can be dolled up with the use of a striking bow, or with gift wrap.

2. If you have the physical plate in time and have completed all necessary processes, you can even present the number plate on the car, if you have a drive and access to do so! 

3. Displaying the V750 Certificate of Entitlement in a smart envelope, as part of a card or in a frame of some kind. This is a good idea if you haven’t got your hands on the acrylic plate yet! 

4. Consider getting an accompanying gift that relates to the number plate, such as a luxury driving experience - perfect for those looking to take their Father’s Day present to another level! 


What are you waiting for? Purchase your private number plate today at 


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