DVLA Number Plates

The DVLA offers an extensive range of prefix and new style registrations from 2000 until 2020. Click 4 Reg is a trusted DVLA number plate supplier, supplying over 60 million number plates online.

DVLA Number Plate Guidelines

DVLA personalised plates are subject to a few rules:

• They must all use a standardised font which was introduced in 2001.

• Characters must measure no more than 79mm in height and must be 50mm wide (except for the number 1 and letter l).

• The thickness of the black print must be 14mm.

• Spaces between characters must measure precisely 11mm.

• The distance between the characters which act as age identifiers and the random letters which follow must measure 33mm.

• The margins on each of the plates sides must be 11mm.

These rules are in place to ensure that number plates are easy to read and so that there is uniformity among them. The purpose of the new regulations and the new style plates is to make the reading of plates much easier to remember. This is so that witnesses to crimes can recall the number plate of the offender's vehicles.

DVLA Private Number Plates

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DVLA Private Plates

DVLA plates, alternatively known as DVLA registrations, can be used on any vehicle that has been registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Many vehicle owners use number plates to display personal signifiers relating to their name, hobbies, profession, etc. DVLA private plates continue to be in demand to allow owners to distinguish the look and feel of their vehicle, and it's never been easier to do so!

What Does The DVLA Do?

The DVLA is responsible for maintaining databases of drivers and vehicles across the UK. Many unissued registrations are available for purchase from the DVLA, and Click 4 Reg is a leading DVLA number plate supplier. The DVLA act on behalf of the Department for Transport, and they began selling personalised number plates in 1989. It is estimated that around 5 million DVLA number plates have been sold since then, supplementing the Treasury fund with more than £2.5 billion.

The DVLA is charged with assigning, transferring, and retaining UK number plates. It is also responsible for ensuring that offensive number plate combinations never make it to circulation. Furthermore, the DVLA also enables and expedites the taxing of vehicles by keeping records relating to approximately 50 million drivers in the UK.

Types of DVLA registrations

DVLA registrations can be categorised into the following:

• Old style or Prefix DVLA number plates.

• Current style DVLA number plates.

Current/New Style DVLA Number Plates

The current style of DVLA personalised number plates consists of two letters, followed by the two numbers, which act as the year of issue identifiers. A random combination of three letters trails these. This format allows for a broader range of possible combinations. As a result, it is estimated that the DVLA won't need to devise a new system until 2050.

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Newstyle Number Plates

Newstyle DVLA registrations cover the date range 2000-2020 and include two letters, two numbers and three letters. These are often best for customers with longer names as there are more possible combinations.

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Prefix Number Plates

Prefix DVLA registrations cover the date ranges of 1984-1999 and include one letter, one, two or three numbers followed by three letters. These private plates are best for customers with shorter names or older vehicles.

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