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Registration Types

There are many types of car registration plate, many of which include a location and year identifier for when and where the mark was first registered.

Some others more cherished plates are dateless meaning that they can be applied to any vehicle regardless of its age. Here is a quick summary of the various number plate types.

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Search for your perfect registration number by Name, Business or Hobby.

You can also refine your search to only include, New Style, Prefix or Dateless registrations.



Current style registrations, also referred to 'new style registrations' were introduced in September 2001. They contain a year identifier as a number for example 01=Mar 2001, 51=Sep 2001 & so on.



Prefix style registration marks were introduced in 1983, The prefix registrations contain a letter to indicate the year that the vehicle was registered. The year identifier is the First letter on the registration, A=Aug 1983, B=Aug 1984 & so on.



Suffix style registration marks were introduced in 1963, The suffix registrations contain a letter to indicate the year that the vehicle was registered. The year identifier is the Last letter on the registration, A=Aug 1963, B=Aug 1964 & so on.

23 BEN


Dateless registration marks were issued prior to 1963, They do not have a year identifier and they are able to be applied to any vehicle regardless of its issue date. Due to this dateless number tend to be the most sought after and rare numbers to obtain.

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