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This is a Dateless style private registration

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Registration number OIG 5591.

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This registration can be assigned to any vehicle,
regardless of it's age. ?

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You can complete the purchase of registration OIG 5591 within minutes online, you will then receive instant confirmation of your purchase via email.

If you are purchasing a retention certificate this will be transferred into your name from the current owner and will be sent via post withih 2-4 weeks. If you are applying this registration to a vehicle we will request that you send us your V5C logbook for your currently vehicle via post, once received the transfer can be completed upon day of receipt, please note however this is dependant on the vehicle not having any issues with tax/mot, if this is the case it can take longer depending on the DVLA time-frames.

If you wish to purchase private number plate OIG 5591 prior to having a vehicle or to stop any other buyer obtaining this registration, you can choose to purchase it on a "Retention Certificate" this will be sent to you and gives you ownership of the registration, this certificate is valid for 10 years and can be used to transfer the private registration on to a vehicle when you are ready.

Yes! when placing an order for OIG 5591 in the next step we allow you to order the arcylic number plates for your vehicle, these can also be customised with borders and flags/logos if you wish, (we can also supply custom sized plates for specific vehicles such as motorbikes, scooters and 4x4's upon request)

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OIG 5591

OIG 5591

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