Ordering Physical Number Plates

When ordering a private number plate, you have the option to purchase a retention certificate or transfer the plate to a vehicle. But did you know that you can also order physical acryllic number plates during the process?

When you have found a number plate you wish to order, throughout the order process we give you the option to also order acryllic number plates to go on your vehicle, or to give as a gift.

Adding Acryllic Plates to Your Order

When ordering your private plate, you can add acryllic plates to your order. Acryllic plates are a great way to show off your new private plate and can be customised with logos and coloured borders, however please note that they must following strict guidelines set by the DVLA.

Customising Your Acryllic Plates

When ordering acryllic plates, you can customise them with:


  • Union Jack Flag
  • Cross of St George (English flag)
  • Cross of St Andrew (Scottish flag)
  • Red Dragon of Wales
  • Green EV Logo

Coloured borders:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Blue

This is a great way to add a personal touch to your private plate.

Ordering Special Sized Acryllic Plates for 4x4 Vehicles and Motorbikes

If you have a 4x4 vehicle or motorbike, you can order special sized acryllic plates to fit your vehicle. This is a great way to ensure that your private plate looks perfect on your vehicle.