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Grab a bargain registration for a price below £500 by selecting the type of plate from below. You can then use our advanced search tools to find the perfect budget plate for your vehicle. Prices shown below exclude DVLA transfer fees and Government VAT.

Current style number plates
From £195

Current-style number plate format diagram.

In 2001, the DVLA introduced the New-style format. They include two letters showing the location of issue, two digits showing the age, and also three random letters.

  • Must check vehicles suitability
  • Moderate Investment opportunity

Prefix style number plates
From £250

Prefix number plate format diagram.

From Aug '83' to Aug '01' the Prefix format replaced the Suffix system. The DVLA also started using the first letter to indicate the age of the vehicle. For example 'A' is 1983.

  • Suitable with vehicles newer than 1983
  • Moderate Investment opportunity

Suffix style number plates
From £300

Suffix number plate format diagram.

From Feb '63 to Jul '83, the suffix format was in use. The last letter indicated the age, such as 'B' for 1964. The 2nd and 3rd letter indicated the area code.

  • Suitable with vehicles newer than 1963
  • Popularity among buyers 8/10
  • Strong Investment opportunity

Irish style number plates
From £250

Irish number plate format diagram.

Northern Ireland format are dateless. They're great for concealing a vehicle's age. They always contain the letters I and Z.

  • Suitable for all vehicles ages
  • Moderate Investment opportunity
Dateless number plate format diagram.

Dateless style
From £1,500

In 1904, authorities introduced dateless format for vehicles, which later became mandatory. They don't have an age identifier.

  • Suitable with all vehicles, regardless of age
  • Strong Investment opportunity

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About Click4reg's selection of the cheapest number plates

Our selection of cheap number plates offers the best options from various styles and formats. including Irish, dateless, suffix, DVLA registrations, new style and prefix style, which are all priced under £500. Also, they all are suitable for use with any vehicles in the UK.

Just keep in mind that new-style, prefix, and suffix registrations require a compatible vehicle age. But, Northern Irish and Dateless car registrations can be used with any vehicle, regardless of its age. Whether you're looking to buy, sell or resell your registration numbers, our team will provide you with a professional service. We will make sure the entire process is smooth.

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Frequently asked questions about cheap number plates

  • What is the cheapest private number plate I can buy?

    Current registrations are usually cheaper than dateless ones because they are more recent. Irish styles are also a good option for cheap number plates as they are dateless registrations at a lower price.

  • Can I pay monthly for a registration?

    It is possible to get private registration plates through finance and pay monthly. But, you must complete a finance application. You must be 18 years old or above to be eligible for financing in the UK.

  • Can I get cheap DVLA number plates?

    As an approved DVLA reseller of personalised registrations. With Click4reg, you can also purchase DVLA registrations and pay monthly on finance.