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1000's of private number plates

You won't find anywhere else!

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We offer monthly payment options on all our private number plates, you can have your new private plate on your car today and spread the cost over regular monthly payments of 24, 36 or 48 months.

Available on all number plates from £250 - £25,000

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£13 per month


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£26 per month

Finding The Right Personalised Number Plate For You

There are many types of car registration plate on offer if you are looking to purchase a private plate for your car. Most registration numbers include a location and year identifier for when and where the mark was first registered (but note that you must not purchase a number plate that dupes people into thinking your car is newer than it is).

Current/new style

Current style registration numbers (also referred to as new style registrations) were first brought in September 2001. They contain a year identifier as a number, for example: 01 means the car was registered in March 2001, and 51 means the car was registered in September 2001.


Prefix style registration numbers were introduced in 1983 and stopped in 2001, being replaced by the current/new style reg numbers. This style of plate contains a letter to indicate the year the car was registered, which is the first letter found on the registration. For example, A = August 1983 and B = August 1984.


Suffix style number plates were introduced in 1963, before being replaced by prefix style plates. Suffix registrations include a letter to indicate the year was registered, and this could be found at the end of the registration. For example, A = August 1963 and B = August 1964.


Dateless registrations do exactly what's said on the tin: they are ageless. This means they do not have a year identifier and they can be applied to any vehicle, regardless of it's registration date. Due to this, this type of number plate is the most sought-after, but they are also the most rare type of registration to buy - this often means they can be expensive.


How long does the transfer process take?

Are there any restrictions when buying personalised number plates?

Can my new plate be transferred to a motorbike or moped?

What happens to my private plate if/when I sell my vehicle?

What happens to my current registration?

What about the tax and MOT on my vehicle?

Should I tell my insurance provider about the change to my reg?

Can private plates be applied to leased or mobility vehicles?

Can your number plates be purchased as a gift for someone else?

How can I make sure I follow the law when buying a private plate?

You can also see more of our customer's most frequent questions

Purchase Acrylic Plates While Ordering

Our car plate tool lets you preview your acrylic plates

Once you've ordered a new private plate for your vehicle, the physical front and rear number plates are not included in your purchase. If you would like to order an acrylic plate for your vehicle whilst placing your order, please let us know and our team can get your plates made to your specification. Once you've placed your order and all your documentation is correct and approved by our team and the DVLA, your plates will be delivered to your door.

However, if you are putting the number plate on retention, it's not necessary to purchase an acrylic number plate for your car. Instead, when you're ready, you can have the new plates made up at a registered number plate supplier, or at your local Halfords store. Bear in mind that in order to do this, the supplier will need to see documentation to prove your name and address, and that you are allowed to use the registration number.

Search Plates By Name

How it Works in 3 Easy Steps

1) Search and find your perfect plate

With more than 45 million number plates on our books, there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for your initials, your name, or a phrase, our superior technology ensures that you will be able to find what you're after in no time at all - one simple search will do.

What's more, all of our number plates are reasonably priced, costing anywhere between £200 to £2,000.

2) Order online in minutes

We pride ourselves on keeping this simple and stress-free as possible. You'll be pleased to know that there's no need to fill in long registration forms or create an account with us in order to proceed and buy a private plate from Click4Reg. All you have to do is find your perfect private plate from our database, fill in your name, address and pay - simple as!

Please note, we do also offer monthly finance plans for our number plates, enabling you to be able to spread the cost over the course of a year to three years.

3) Receive your ownership documents

Once you have placed an order with us, you should receive an email from us immediately with confirmation of your purchase; this is proof that the number plate is now yours. You will be able to choose to apply your registration to an existing vehicle or put it on retention to assign to a car at a later date.

If you require any help with doing this, our customer service team is always on hand to guide you through the process from start to finish.

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