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Shop the UK's largest private number plate range with one of the biggest number plate suppliers in the UK. We stock 60 million car registrations to suit every style and budget. If you're looking to buy or sell a personal number plate, you can rely on Click4reg to provide you with a safe and top class service.

Our team of experts have 20 years experience in the industry and are here to provide you with free guidance and help you with the entire process.

Buy number plates online

Buy number plates online

Finding the ideal personalised number plate for your car, as a gift or investment is quick and easy. All you need to do is enter a name, vehicle model, job or initials into our friendly search box. In just seconds, you'll have access to 60 million private number plates to choose from.

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Sell number plates fast

Sell number plates fast

Selling personalised number plates with Click4reg is a simple process. Our valuation experts will provide you with an accurate selling price to ensure that you receive the best possible amount for selling your private number plate with us. We’ll even handle the transfer paperwork on your behalf.

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Number plates under £500

Check out our selection of cheap plates to find some fantastic deals. We also have a variety of inexpensive personalised plates that are great to hide your car's age. If you're searching for a thoughtful gift for someone special, we offer great options to choose from.

£350 ›

£350 ›

£350 ›

£350 ›

£350 ›

£350 ›

£350 ›

£350 ›

£350 ›

£350 ›

Number plate finance options

Buying a private number plate is now even more affordable. We're working in collaboration with Novuna Personal Finance to bring you the best finance rates on the market. You can spread the cost of your new private plates and pay over 12, 24 or 28 monthly repayments. Enjoy our competitive rates and see what you can borrow.

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Why order from Click4reg?

When it comes to choosing a supplier for your private number plate needs, Click4reg is the best choice for many reasons. Firstly, our mission is to give you the best customer service. Plus with our price match guarantee, you can be sure to get the best deal when buying your new personalised number plate.

We assure your peace of mind with our extensive experience in the industry. Check out our accreditations from industry bodies. We're also registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Huge range of number plates

Huge range of number plates

Click4reg is one of the UK's largest online retailers of private number plates. Giving you access to 60 million number plate styles and formats under one roof.

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Secure payment options

Secure payment options

Buy the perfect registration with peace of mind knowing that your details are safe. Pay with secure payments or via bank transfer.

Fast number plate transfers

Fast number plate transfers

We have worked closely with the DVLA daily since 2010 so we can transfer and assign your private registrations to your car as quickly as 5 days.

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Free expert help and advice

Free expert help and advice

Get free help and advice anytime from our in-house team of experts. They are here to provide guidance and help you sell and buy personalised number plates securely and officially.

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Staff had been available and respond to me quickly whenever I needed help even an extent of calling me to reassure me the stages.

- Sam Cudjoe-Opoku

Private number plates information

There are a few things to consider when finding your ideal personalised number plate. Firstly, make sure that it doesn't make your vehicle appear newer, and ensure that it complies with all DVLA guidelines. At Click4reg, we've simplified the process with our help, simply call us on 0203 930 9671. You can browse our useful guides too.

What is a private number plate?

Owning a personalised number plate allows you to replace your DVLA issued car plates with something of your choice. This can be your name, hobby, initials or something else entirely. Check out our easy private plate guides then get started.

How to buy a private car number plate?

Personalised number plates

Number plate types

In the UK you can buy 4 distinct types of number plates: Dateless, Suffix, Prefix and New Style. Deciding which private number plate is right for you? Not sure if you want a Dateless or a Prefix? Check out the different types of registration numbers.

Finding A Private Number Plate

Making Your Own Private Number Plate

Number plate rules

Personalised number plates are suitable to use with any DVLA registered vehicles in the UK, but it's important to ensure compatibility. It's illegal to use a number plate that is newer than the vehicle it's being used on. Also, the physical number plates must comply with DVLA regulations.

What are the rules for number plates UK?

DVLA Number Plates

Personalised number plate buying guides

Finding the perfect plate can be a tricky task. We've compiled comprehensive guides to make it easy for you to find all the info you'll ever need.

How do I buy a number plate?

If you are unsure how to buy a private number plate, our guide will explain how you can do this quickly and safely.

How do I transfer a number plate?

It's easy to transfer a number plate with our helpful guide.

How do I sell a number plate?

Selling your number plate is easy with Click4reg. Simply follow our number plate selling guide as get started.

Frequently asked questions

We have created a broad list of common questions. However, if you cannot find the information required, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide guidance and answer all of your questions.

  • What is a vehicle Private registration number?

    The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has a Cherished Transfer Scheme. You can choose a unique phrase, slogan, or set of initials. Print it on your vehicle registration plate because with this scheme it is easy.

  • Is it possible for me to create my own personalised plate?

    You can create your own registration number using the new-style formats of registrations.

  • Is it possible to own a private registration even if one does not have a vehicle?

    It is possible to own a personalised plate without owning a vehicle. However, you will keep the certificate on the retention scheme.

  • What is the estimated time frame for using my new number plate on a vehicle?

    It can take from two days to two weeks, to officially assign a registration number to a vehicle.