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Examples on how you can be more creative are displayed below:

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What are Dateless number plates?

Under the Motor Car Act of 1904, Dateless number plates are the first series of vehicle registrations in the UK. They consist of letter codes for the region of issue and unique numbers which serves as the vehicle identify. The city of London UK issued the first ever number, marked as "A1".

Dateless registrations have no year identifier, which means that their number plates does not show the age of a vehicle. As a result, you cannot work out the original issue date, you would therefore need to consult a reference book. However, you can therefore assign and use them with any vehicles in the UK, including modern vehicles too.

Before 1932, the beginning of the order on these registrations is either an "A" or an "*". Plus, one or two letters to represent the issuing region. The digits however range from '1' to '9999' and are in sequential order. In 1932, this changed to three letters, from 'AAA' to 'YYY', a space, then, a sequence of digits from 1-999.

Nonetheless, as the years pass, and the demand for vehicles on UK roads continued to grow. Then in 1963, the DVLA issued the Suffix style format as a way of producing more registrations. Subsequently the Dateless series then ceased, but they remain a cherished classic on UK roads today.

Are dateless registrations a good investment?

In the past, buying personalised registration plates was a sign of wealth. Nowadays, they are more affordable and come in a wide range of prices. However, a dateless number plate is still rare and exclusive, which is why they cost more. In fact, the top most expensive marks in the UK are all dateless.

So, investing in these registration marks could be a profitable decision since they tend to increase in value over time. Their uniqueness has made them even more popular; some people even buy them to hide the age of their cars. A Dateless registration is a must to give your car a polished appearance.

Inspiration and ideas

Dateless number plates are popular because they're great for creating short names. For example, 'D4 VES', 'G50 RGE', and 'H44 RRY'. For shorter words, such as 'K21 BEN' and 'H6 JSM' can also be done.

Examples on how you can be more creative are displayed below:


Anne or Annes


Dave or David






Peter or Pete


Peter or Pete


Peter or Pete


Peter or Pete


Peter or Pete


Peter or Pete

Frequently asked questions about dateless number plates

  • What makes a number plate dateless?

    Registrations without any indication of the year or date are dateless registration number.

  • Can a dateless number plate go on any car?

    Yes, since they are not subject to the age-related rule like current registrations. You can transfer and use them with vehicles of any age. This is one of the main reasons they are so popular.

  • How old are dateless plates?

    The DVLA began issuing registrations without dates in 1903 with the oldest one now over a century old. Dateless registrations were later replaced by the suffix format in 1962.

  • How do I buy a Dateless number plate?

    Find and buy the perfect Dateless number plate effortlessly with us. Search for your name, initials, numbers, or any meaningful word and we'll show you the best-matched number plates.