Why Should I Buy a Private Number Plate?

Lord Alan Sugar drives around with 'AMS 1' and after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married, they drove away in a car that said 'JU5T WED'. But it is no longer just the rich and famous who own private number plates.

Every year in the UK, drivers spend millions on private number plates. This can often be an exciting prospect - putting your own stamp on the vehicle you drive. But many people would question the point of them and why bother spending money on something like a number plate.

The simple answer is they are a chance to make your car more individual. By paying extra money, you can choose your own combination of numbers and letters - providing it does not already exist and it is a valid combination.

But the reasons for getting a private number plate extend far beyond this.

Here at Click4Reg, our aim is to provide you with personalised number plates that are high-quality, affordable and fit for purpose. Personalised number plates offer more advantages than you might realise and we firmly believe they are worth purchasing long term.

Here are seven reasons why you should consider buying a private number plate today!

1) Private number plates allow you to express yourself and your personality

In the UK, the law states that all vehicles on public roads must be fitted with a number plate. But for some people, the randomly assigned combination of numbers and letters are just too mundane.

Let's face it - they are called personalised number plates for a reason!

There is flexibility to switch numbers for letters, such as 4 for A, 3 for E or 12 for R, which allows for creativity and fun.

This is the perfect opportunity to express your personality and what is important to you, whether it is your name, favourite sports team, profession or perhaps a birthday - the possibilities are almost endless.

Private number plates can disguise the age of your vehicle

It is worth noting that this is only legal if you are putting a dateless number plate on your vehicle.

It is unlikely that you are going to put a brand new private number plate on a rusty old car, but there is a good chance that your car might not be brand new and you do not want to reveal its age.

Standard issue number plates have a number which corresponds to the year in which that vehicle was manufactured. If you are cautious of what others might think of the car you drive, then attaching a private number plate can suggest to people that you are driving a vehicle more modern that it actually is.

A much cheaper alternative than having to fork out money for an entirely newer car!

Private number plates can deter criminals

Private number plates obviously make a vehicle more distinctive and recognisable.

This can actually help prevent your car from being stolen as criminals are less likely to want to steal a vehicle that could be easily recognised.

Furthermore, if your vehicle or registration plate is ever stolen, it will make it easier for the police and members of the public to spot it, increasing the chances of you being reunited with your prized possession(s).

Purchasing private number plates

Generally speaking, private number plates will hold their value.

You may be wondering what makes these plates so expensive.

The unique nature of them means that as demand increases, so does the price that people are willing to pay. As a rule of thumb, the less numbers and letters on your private plate, the more rare they are and the more expensive these plates can become - but this also means they are likely to appreciate in value over time.

You need not worry about spending lots of money in order to acquire one; they have become more affordable over time, and there are a variety of private plates to suit any budget. In fact, there are a number of private number plates under £200.

What's more, is that it is possible to buy a private number plate on finance - meaning you can still make that desired purchase but spread the cost out over a number of months.

If you choose to sell the rights to the private plate along with your car, then it could potentially increase its value. Or you may choose to remove and sell the private number plates on their own.

This can also be achieved with minimal fuss, effort and time. Click here for more information on how to sell a number plate quickly.

However, if you do come to sell your vehicle but want to retain the registration plate, then you have the right to do so and transfer it to another vehicle.

Dor a comprehensive guide read our guide on how to assign a private number plate to a vehicle.

Private number plates are a unique accessory for your vehicle

All number plates are unique - so why not go the extra mile and pick something that is unique specifically to you. And to top it all off, you can keep it for as long as you want.

Many people splash out money on accessories for their cars, but unless they are personalised, they are going to look like any other product on the market.

This form of automotive jewellery means you are guaranteed to own something that no-one else has possession of, which will further increase its appeal.

They can also be purchased as a perfect gift for a loved one or to mark a special occasion, like a birthday, anniversary or wedding.

Private number plates can be part of an effective business strategy

Personalised number plates serve a number of different purposes - they can look professional and smart or quirky and memorable.

Whatever your business, there will be a personalised number plate out there for you. They could help impress clients or put a smile on people's faces, making a lasting impression.

Importantly, they are an effective way of advertising your business - potentially up to tens of thousands of people per day.

Whether it is sitting in traffic or driving around, the more people that see and remember your number plate, the more chance you have of them contacting you for business.

It is perfectly possible for you to brand your business with private number plates. They really do help your company to stand out from the crowd and can be a useful marketing tool in brand recognition by drawing attention towards your vehicle and business.

Also, if you have a business fleet, then it could be possible to order consecutive plates (also known as sequential number plates) in order to have a consistent branding across your company.

You will never forget your car registration again

There is nothing more awkward than being asked for your registration and having to go and check. You could be at a payment machine, on the phone to your insurance company or looking for where you parked in a crowded car park.

Purchasing a private, personalised number plate could end up saving you time, effort and money - after all, getting your car registration wrong in a payment machine could lead to a fine for having an invalid ticket.

The other advantage is that you can transfer the same private number plate onto any new or used car that you buy. This means that you will only ever have to remember one number plate in the future - the ultimate peace of mind that you will never forget your registration ever again!

To search the number of personalised plates we have to offer, please visit our website. If you have any questions, queries or enquiries, we have a frequently asked questions section on our website. Or please feel free to contact us where one of our dedicated professionals will be more than happy to help you.