Can you search for private number plates?

Yes, you certainly can! Searching for private number plates is possible through both the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and third-party agents. The DVLA provides a simple online service where you can search for un-issed number plates, however they often have a very limited selection of non-specific random letter plates or initials.

If you are looking for more up to date and a wider range of private registrations to search for you will need to use a third party number plate search, we have a wider selection of privately owned registrations that often match more searches such as names, hobbies, professions aswell as more cherished suffix and dateless numbers, not found on the DVLA website.

Third-party agents can offer more choice as current owners and othee dealers usually have large databases of private plates that are not only sourced from the DVLA but from private sellers as well, if you would like to search through our wider range of plates you can browse by style including Current style, Prefix style, Suffix style and Dateless style, you can also search by phrase, name or anything.

How do I find the best private number plate?

Finding the best private number plate often depends on personal preferences and budget. When searching for the perfect private plate, it's important to consider not only the combination of numbers and letters but also the price. You can search online for a specific plate however online results are sometimes out of date, therefore we would advise to use our advanced search tools to ensure that you are getting up to date results of all available private plates which are available to purchase from current owners who are lookig to sell.

When searching for a private registration plate simply enter your preferred letters or numbers and you will be provided with a range of options that match or closely match your search. You can also try search via specific plate types such as Newstyle, Prefix, Suffix and Dateless, or search by Mens Names, Womens Names or Make/Models of Car.

Through Third-Party Agents: With extensive databases, these agents can make your search easier. Just input your requirements on their platforms and you'll be presented with several options. We also allow you to make offers on any privately owned registration which we will regotiate with the owners on your behalf. We also have an extensive range of exclusive or rare plates such as dateless registrations which are more cherished by dealers and collectors which you cannot find on other websites or the DVLA.

How do I find out if a private plate exists?

Similar to searching for a plate for purchase, you can use the online tool or third-party websites to check if a specific plate already exists. If the plate number is not available in the search results, it is either already owned by someone else and is not for sale or not valid under UK registration formatting rules. Our database is regulary updated and owners can also add and remove plates so our system is updated daily with new registration numbers which become available to search and purchase.

Can you look up private number plates?

There are ways to look up private number plates to buy that have been listed by their current owners, however finding information on who owns a particular registration can be difficult due to the Data Protection Act. This information is held by third party dealers and is not publicly accessible through the DVLA or third-party sites for privacy reasons.

If you need to find information about a registered keeper of a particular private plate due to an accident or other incident, you will need to go through the appropriate legal channels. However if you have found a registration via a third party dealer and you would like us to contact the individual to confirm its availability we are able to help with such requests, through us as an intermediatary.