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6 Best License Plate Frames to Buy in the UK

In 1989, the first year the DVLA began selling personalised registrations, only 658 were sold. Since then, sales figures in excess of 4.5 million have been recorded, with 2015-16 seeing a record 334,818 registrations sold. The rise in popularity of personalised number plates has much to do with car lovers’ thirst for adding personal touches to their treasured vehicles.   

Once you’ve settled on and bought your own personalised number plate, it’s time to turn your attention to what your registration is going to sit in. License plate frames can add to the visual appeal of your registration or can simply serve more practical functions, preventing your number plate from falling off for example.

We’ve put together a list spotlighting some of the best license plate frames to buy in order to keep your personalised registration safe and visible at all times. The frames are listed in no particular order; each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, but they’re all high-quality, durable options for UK sized license plates.   

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Best License Plate Frames:  


1. 2x Black Effect Number Plate Surrounds Holder Frame

The great thing about this number plate frame is that it’s very easy to install. All you need to do is put aside 20 minutes of spare time and get a hold of some screws and a screwdriver. If you’re replacing your current number plate with the Black Effect, you can even use the old plate’s screws.

All you need to do is screw the frame to the car body, making sure it’s properly and securely attached. After you’ve completed this step, open the front of the frame by unfastening the clips and place the license plate inside. Closing the clips so that the license plate remains inside is quite straightforward; just make sure you also snap the four lower clips to ensure proper fastening.

The fact that no drilling or cutting is required during installation is enough of a selling point in itself. However, what makes the Black Effect one of the best license place frames on the market is the high-quality polycarbonate-ABS plastic used. This material is much more durable than the PVC utilised in most license plate holders. Furthermore, the overprint is water resistant and the frame is built to last through extreme weather conditions.   


2. DEZENTOFIX CMS License Plate Holder

The DEZENTOFIX CMS has been the best-selling frame in Germany for years, and it is now finally available in the UK. This discreet license plate holder can be fitted on any vehicle with standard EU license plate proportions. Furthermore, each of the two pieces weigh only 116 grams due to the ultra-thin and unobtrusive frame.

You can use the screws from your old frame during installation. All you need to do is clip your registration plate at the back of the mounting hooks. Some users have complained about the rigidity of the plate during installation, which makes the fitting a bit more difficult.

However, it is just this rigidity, provided by the 8 spring elements which push the plate against the 10 mounting hooks, which ensures the plate doesn’t move around and produce annoying chattering noises. It also guarantees that the plate will sit tightly in place and not fall off.  


3. PURE BLACK Car License Plate UNIVERSAL Surround Holder Frame

One of the best license plate frames on the market, the PURE BLACK can be used with any standard UK or European number plate.

Installation is quick and easy; you just need to attach the frame to the car, slide your license plate into the holder, and then fasten the edge grip. You won’t need to drill extra holes and the only tool needed is a screwdriver. Furthermore, the frame is ideal for those using more than one number. Replacing one license plate with the other is fast and straightforward thanks to the easy to use edge grip.

The plastic used to make the frame is quite durable, though not as durable as the polycarbonate-ABS plastic which the number 1 frame on this list is made of. Even so, the PURE BLACK will keep your license plate securely locked in place and is vibration, weather, and temperature resistant.


4. 1 Set European UK EU License Plate Holder Frame in Stainless Steel

This stylish and durable bracket license plate frame is frame hinged. The cover is fastened using 8 security pins. These pins press up in order to fasten the cover to the license plate.

This fastening system is very well built, minimising any clinging noises which come about when using lower quality license plate holders.

Furthermore, the back of the frame has a large number of holes which can be used to mount the holder on either the back or front of your vehicle. The lone drawback is that only one piece is included in the price, so you’ll need to buy two if you need fitting on both the rear and back of your car.


5. Sumex MAT8500 Registration Frame ABS Euro Clip

The Sumex MAT8500 is the cheapest license plate frame on our list. Despite the low price tag, it is built using high-quality ABS plastic, making it ultra-durable. It offers excellent value for money, undercutting most other frames on price, while boasting a stylish design.

It is easy to fit, requiring no more than a few minutes to install. Furthermore, the fastening system provides good stability, making for limited noise when driving. You should take care to clip it properly though; many have complained that if proper care is not taken during installation the frame can feel quite flimsy.  

The only drawback is that the paint fades easily after being exposed to the elements. Other than that, this is a great option for those on a tight budget.


6. MICTUNING Heavy Duty Front Bumper License Plate Mounting Bracket with 60W LED Spotlight

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is the MICTUNING Heavy Duty license plate frame. This is designed for those who want an extra bit of light coming from their front bumper.

This license plate frame makes use of the two 30W light bars which are fitted on it to provide concentrated bright light that illuminates the road ahead of you like nothing else. An extra wiring cable is included in the price in order to provide a better connection.

The frame is built using aluminium alloy which is thick enough for heavy duty use and which is nicely coated in a beautiful powdered black finish. You needn’t use a drill in order to install the frame and the fitting will prove to be as quick and easy as that of any other frame on this list, despite the fact that this license plate holder is much heavier and larger than the others. The installation typically takes 20 minutes according to the manufacturer.



Closing Remarks

Once you’ve sorted out both your personalised registration and frame, it’s probably time to figure out how to dispose of your old license plate, unless of course you want to hold on to it.

Even though all of the number plate frames covered in this list are easy to fit on your car, for those of you who are still unable to get your heads around the installation process, we’ve put together a guide to number plate fitting.


Featured image photo credit: Sto/Shutterstock

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