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Alternative Wedding Transport

It’s wedding season again! Soon churches, beaches and country buildings will be filled with the familiar buzz of chatter from family and friends eagerly awaiting the bride. Although the day will be filled with great opportunities for photos; one of the most memorable and fun moments comes shortly after the ceremony, when the newly-weds make their way to their reception or honeymoon. Transport is becoming increasingly more quirky and imaginative, often reflecting the characters of the couple, or an aspect about their relationship. For example, keen surfers may choose to have a camper van adorned with flowers and ribbons.  
For the grooms and brides-to-be who are still looking to choose their wedding transport for the day; we have put together a guide of the fun and quirky options available to couples. 


A bicycle made for two…

Wedding tandem
Image: Credit to


Bicycles, whether traditional push bikes, tandems, mopeds or motorbike and sidecar make for romantic and retro photos. However, there are drawbacks to these options. Pushbikes and tandems are not suitable for reception venues far away, and certainly will not get you to your airport if jet-setting off on honeymoon. Unfortunately bicycles are not wedding dress friendly. An option that may be more viable, is having the bicycle simply for photo opportunities, and then making your way via an alternative mode of transport.   

 Wedding bicycle
Image: Credit to

None of these options are weatherproof either, meaning you risk getting wet and muddying your outfits in adverse weather. Finally, helmets are a legal requirement for motorbikes, which could mean hat-hair! Also, hairpieces may be uncomfortable when worn under a helmet, so may need to be removed. However, where there is a will there is a way, and many still choose this popular option!

wedding moped
Image: Credit to


Lady in Red

Another increasingly popular option is to arrive in a traditional old, double decker bus. A plus point with this mode of transport, is that you can fit your entire wedding party in one vehicle! The striking red paint makes for some stunning photos where the sun is shining and there is a backdrop of green trees against a blue sky. There are however other colour choices available when looking at party busses. Candy pink, white and blue are other popular choices. The bus sometimes has a personalised tag, with a message of congratulations to the happy couple.


Wedding - Traditional bus
 Image: Credit to


Sleigh Ride

For winter weddings, where there is a copious covering of snow outside; a horse drawn sleigh makes for stunning photos and is widely romantic. Although blankets are often provided to keep the couple warm (and we’re sure you’ll snuggle up to each other for added warmth!), it is advisable that you wear a warm shall or shrug. A white faux fur shrug offers a classic chic look and adds to the wintry theme. Most of these wedding take place either in Scotland or abroad, as it is difficult to guarantee enough snow in other areas around Britain.   

Wedding - Sleigh
Image: Credit to

Many horse-enthusiasts (and brides, in particular) look to have a photo cantering a well-turned-out horse with their hair blowing in the wind. Although this can make for very romantic pictures, we would urge couples to forgo this option as even the most sensible mount can be spooked by wedding dresses blowing in the wind, or indeed another unexpected occurrence. You do not want to be spending your wedding night in A&E for the sake of some pictures. The correct footwear and an approved horse riding hat should always be worn when horse riding. Those wanting horses at their wedding should choose a horse and carriage instead.

Wedding - horse riding
Image: Credit to


Come fly with me

For those who are feeling a little more flush, why not jet set off in style? Helicopters and hot air balloons are a great spectacle for guests to watch as make your way to start a new adventure with one another. 

Wedding - helicopter
Image: Credit to

Hot air balloons also make for very colourful and vibrant photos however, the flight will be subject to the right weather conditions. Also, although bridal attire is permitted in the balloon, the couple will be expected to climb in and out of the basket. 

Wedding - Hot air balloon
Image: Credit to

Wedding - Balloon
Image: Credit to


I do love to be beside the seaside

For couples who love surfing, the seaside or camping; a traditional VW Campervan can make for beautiful shabby chic and summery photos. A perfect option for beach weddings. Low cost, colourful and weatherproof! 

Wedding - Camper Van
Image: Credit to


Rock the boat

Some venues that have access to a lake provide rowing boats which can be decorated with flowers suited to the couples theme. 

Wedding - Rowing boat
Image: Credit to

Providing that the weather is not windy, these photos are effortlessly romantic – even in the rain! A white embroidered umbrella will shade you from the majority of the rain however, rain can, ironically, make for some magically wonderful pictures.  

Wedding - Rain
Image: Credit to


Keep on rollin’

For something a little bit different, if your venue is in the country, you may be able to source a steam roller or traction engine as quirky and fun alternative transport! Often, these vehicles will tow a flower and ribbon adorned trailer behind, which allows for all of the bridal party or groomsmen to arrive in style!

Wedding - Steam Roller
Image: Credit to Christiaan Lowe


The Village Green Preservation Society

Although a little bumpy, a fun and retro option is a classic, rustic looking tractor. Again, these vehicles tow trailers which can be decorated to suit your purposes and can carry a copious passengers. This mode of transport would definitely suit those who love the countryside or who are theming their wedding around retro or shabby chic designs. 

 Wedding - Tractor
Image: Credit to

Although there are options as unusual as llama-drawn wedding carriage (yes, really), keeping things simple and relatively traditional with some fun twists will create timeless photos and memories that you will cherish in years to come. Your transport should reflect you as a person, for example, army vehicles have been used in military weddings. Ultimately it is your day, so you should have fun choosing and option that is suited to you as a couple. 

Wedding - Bike and sidecar  
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