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Whether you are getting one for yourself or you are buying it as a gift, a private number plate is a fun way to give your car some personality. Private number plates are known to be quite costly, and buyers need to keep an eye out for those that are being sold overpriced. If you are looking to buy cheap number plates under £200, then you need to have a better understanding of the types of number plates out there and which one would be best suited for your price range.

Styles of number plates

Current/New style number plates

Registration plate NE57 YLE

The new style number plates are probably the best option if you are on a budget. First issued in September 2001, these types of plates tend to be less appealing and therefore cheaper, due to them having the most number of permutations. However, if you are a bit creative you can get a combination of letters and numbers and therefore create words and names such as AR51 NAL, NE57 YLE and BO55 SAM. Unfortunately, these number plates cannot be assigned to some older vehicles, so keep that in mind.

Prefix style number plates

Registration plate P12 EFX

These types of number plates can be made up with fewer letters than the current style, and they can also be assigned to more than one vehicle. Issued between 1st August 1983 and 31st August 2001, prefix style number plates are more expensive than current style number plates, especially those with lower digits such as 1 to 9, and those with earlier prefixes such as A and D, which are harder to acquire.

Suffix style number plates

Registration plate SUF IIX

Just as the name suggests, the suffix style number plates have the reverse format of the prefix style ones. These were issued between 1st February 1963 and 31st July 1983, but because fewer of them were released, compared to the prefix style number plates, they tend to fetch higher prices.

Dateless number plates

Registration plate 23 BEN

If you are looking to buy cheap personalised number plates under £200, then the dateless style number plates are not the right type for you. These were issued between 1903 and 1963 and are by far the rarest as they don’t have a year identifier and they can be made up of just a few letters and numbers. While dateless number plates are some of the most expensive, the price range for them is quite diverse, depending on the digits you choose, however it is unlikely to find any under £200.

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While getting a cheep number plate is great, it's important for a buyer to know the legal rules when it comes to buying a number plate. Alternatively, check out the wide range of informative articles available on the Click4Reg blog.

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