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So, you’ve either bought, or are planning to buy a new number plate and are wondering what happens to your old number plate when you change it. The information on this topic is often not mentioned on websites where you can buy and sell your private number plates. However, this is a common question that is asked by individuals who are interested in buying a new number plate and want to follow the neces

Wondering how best to spend the last couple of weeks of the summer holidays? With your parents visiting and a couple of bored, tetchy kids; it can be hard to find an activity that suits all ages. And whereas you could dust off your dog-eared game of Monopoly; with the mini-heat wave set to continue throughout the week, we’ve a better suggestion…

Family Motor Shows & Rallies cater to all ages. With delicious home-baked treats, classic cars, motorcycles and country displays; your mundane Monday has just tra

Today I am going to take my driving test, in a location where the pass rate is just 35%. This figure does little to ease my nerves, and begs the question: how much does location play a part in your chances of passing?
Taking your driving test is a day that almost everyone dreads – it’s costly, downright nerve wracking and you are under tremendous pressure not to make those dreaded major mistakes, but how much is where you take your test a factor in passing or failing? We have looked at the top locat

With equestrian professionals having aimed to make their mark throughout the year in order to secure their place in Rio’s 2016 Olympic Games; equestrian spectators have enjoyed another year of quality performances. 
Equally, this year’s equestrian technology has excelled itself too. Through several new revolutionary technological advances in equestrian transport, both rider and horse can afford to travel in style and comfort with these new in-built features. 

Classic cars could be stripped of their historic status if the owners are unable to provide sufficient evidence that their cars qualify for the tax-free category.

The DVLA have recently contacted owners of pre-1974 vehicles requesting them to send documents such as extracts from books, copies of historical racing sheets or the bill of sale to prove that the vehicle meets the required standards concerning the registration and construction of their vehicles.

 The initiative has caused fears a

The DVLA has started private testing of its free online View Vehicle Record (VVR) service. The 12 companies testing the service range from small to large sized businesses to help give a good representation of the industry. Once the testing is complete, it will have an open public testing phase before the actual launch in spring.

This new service will allow fleet customers to be alerted when vehicles need taxing a month in advance, when MOT renewals are due and when a vehicle reaches a certain age. For fleet managers this tool has t

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have confirmed the date the paper counterpart of Britainís driving licenses will be abolished. Though originally set for the early part of 2015, drivers will no longer require a paper licence from June 8th, 2015. It means that all licence holders, including those with private plates, will only require their plastic photo licence from summer 2015 onwards as the driving authority becomes increasingly digitised.

Originally, the DVLA were to cancel the paper counterpart of the UK driver li

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