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How to Sell a Number Plate Quickly

If you are looking to sell your number plate quickly, there are several ways of doing so as each plates value can vary depending on its type Newstyle, Prefix, Suffix or Dateless, this along with the popularity or rarity of the plate in question among other factors mean that each registration has many factors that determine its value. Before you think about selling your number plate, you must consider these four steps:

Step 1: Find out if you can legally sell your number plate

If you want to sell your number plate, there are certain things you must check first to ensure you are following the DVLA rules. Firstly, you must check your paperwork to find out whether your number plate is “non-transferable”. If you find this written on your number plate documents, you will not be allowed to sell your reg number.

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However, if your documents don’t state this, you are ready to proceed. But before your number plate can be legally sold, the vehicle must:

- Be registered under your first and last name

- Be officially registered as the purchaser or grantee with either the Certificate of Retention (V778) or a Certificate of Entitlement (V750)


Step 2: Get your plates valued

Now that you have checked that you can sell your number plate, you should get your number plate valued by a professional in order to ensure you are selling it at an accurate price – the last thing any owner wants is to sell it for significantly less than what it is worth..

This step is vitally important to get right, as if your valuation is too high, you run the risk of your number plate not selling quickly. However, if your number plate is valued too low, you could be left short of cash and bitterly disappointed. When finding someone to value your number plate, it is a good idea to contact as many businesses as possible, before going ahead choosing the best offer.

Here at Click4reg, we know how time consuming this can be. This is why we pledge to do all the research for you and even provide you with a free number plate valuation.


Step 3: Advertise your number plate

The next step is to advertise your number plate! It's worth mentioning that a common misconception among Brits is that you can sell your number plate back to the DVLA, but this is incorrect. Although the DVLA sell personalised registrations that have never been issued to a vehicle before, they have no interest in buying them back off you.

Instead, the two most popular and successful ways of selling your number plate quickly and for a good price is:

- Through listing it via a database (such as ours which can get your listing shown to over 600,000 potential buyers every week)

- Listing online via an e-commerce platform, such as eBay

However, it is worth noting that selling your number plate via eBay can be a risky strategy, as it can mean your number plate will be sold for a price much lower than what it is really worth. In fact, it’s not uncommon for private reg plates to sell for tragically low prices, which you can see from these completed eBay auctions.

However, depending on how in demand your number plate is, there is always a possibility that people could get into a bidding war and you could end up getting a great price for it. But, more often than not, this isn’t the best route to get a good price for your number plate. Especially when you take into account seller fees on eBay, which tends to be around 10% of the final sale price.

Therefore, if you are after a quick number plate sale and money isn’t important to you, this may be one of the quickest and easiest options available.


Step 4: Get an offer and make a deal

The final step of the process of selling a number plate is to wait for the right offer from a trustworthy person. When going through a reputable dealer, the plates will be seen by millions of potential buyers and is likely to produce many offers so it’s important to think about this carefully before rushing into the sale.

Once you have agreed on a price, you must:

- Put your number plate on retention

Transfer the registration number to the new owner

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If you have any questions about selling your number plate, or you would some advice, or simply a valuation, get in contact with our friendly team. We are more than happy to assist you.



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