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How to Give Personalised Number Plates as a Present?

When buying a gift for somebody, especially if that person is a loved one, it’s very hard to surprise them with something new after a while. If you are struggling to buy a gift and are seeking inspiration, a personal gift plate can be a great choice that would suit almost every occasion. Whether it’s a birthday gift or a wedding gift, a personalised number plate would be an excellent choice for almost anybody, whether they already have a car or they are planning to get one in the future, the number plate can be held on a certificate indefinitely, and they can assign it to a vehicle whenever they want to.


How does it work?

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Gifting someone a personalised number plate is easier than you think. In fact, deciding what you want to put on the plate is probably the hardest part. After you’ve made your mind on what you’d like the plate to say (whether it is a name, date or a funny message), you need to go on a website specialised in selling number plates. You won’t need any vehicle documents at the time of purchase, these will only be needed for the transfer of the registration, which can be done by the gift receiver later on. After that, the registration number will be added to a certificate, which will contain your name as the ‘purchase’ and the gift receiver’s name as the ‘nominee’. You can request to have the plate delivered at any location you wish, whether it is your home, the receiver’s home, or your work place. If you are not ready to give the gift just yet, then you can keep it for a year before handing it over. After one year you will be charged £25 by the DVLA to renew it.


Here are some ideas for personalised gift plates for different occasions

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Birthday gifts

A personalised plate can be a great gift for somebody’s birthday, especially if they are approaching the age when the can get their driver’s licence. However, they can also make a great gift for somebody who already owns a car and is looking to give it some personality.

For example, Jay Allen Smith is celebrating its 39th birthday, on November the 9th. Here are some suggestions for a personalise plate gift for him.

NV09 Jay – NV represents the month of his birth, 09 represents the date, and of course, Jay is his name.

X39 JAS – As mentioned in our blog post on personalised gift plate ideas, you can use fillers to fill in the space on the plate. In this ‘X’ represents a kiss, 39 is his age, and JAS are the initials of his name.

Simultaneously, if Ela is celebrating her 18th birthday, these are some ideas for her gift:

K155 Ela – using 155 after K, you spell the word kiss, followed by her name.


Anniversary gift ideas

A personalised number plate is a great gift for that milestone occasion. Celebrate your love for each other with this private number plate ideas:

Jo57 ROS – Jo & Ross

X4 HUB – Kiss for hubby

X10 LUV – perfect for a 10 year


Wedding gift ideas

The wedding represents a new beginning for the couple, why not celebrated with a personalised number plate. Here are some ideas:








Mother’s and Father’s Day gift ideas

Remind your parents why you are their favourite child by giving them some lovely and thoughtfully chosen personalised plates:







If you are thinking of giving your father an extra gift, why not book a driving experience for him, so he can spend his day driving the car of his dreams? You can read more about driving experiences here. This will definitely make for a memorable Father’s Day.

While choosing the right number plate gift is important, knowing the rules regarding legal number plates is vital. To read more on this topic check out our blog linked above. 

For more information and inspiration, you can search for personalised number plates on our website. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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