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How to use your car to get more matches on Tinder.

Valentines is almost upon us, and if you’re still struggling to find a date, why not try posing in front of your car? It may sound strange, but an experiment conducted by revealed that this method does actually work!’s methodology was to create female and male Tinder profiles. Ensuring the name, age and bio remained unchanged, the photo was changed several times to include different types of cars (identical photos were used with the only difference being the presence of a car). The aim was to see if posing in front of a car could increase your chances of a right swipe, and if so, which type of car would make you the most attractive to the opposite sex. created each profile, leaving them up for two days, and swiping right on a total of 200 people. 
The study revealed that posing in front of a certain car on your tinder profile can increase your chance of a right swipe by nearly double. 

On average, our male profile that did not have a photo posed in front of a car, received 59 matches over the course of 2 days. However, by posing in front of certain car makes and models, those matches increased to as many as 132. On average, a male with a profile in front of a car got 79.8 matches in 2 days. It appears men are less bothered whether a woman is posing in front of a car or not, with women’s success not altering too much. However, it still did increase the number of matches, with a profile with no car gaining 78 matches in 2 days, and a profile featuring a car averaging 82.4 matches. Some types of cars received as high as 136 matches. 

The cars favoured by women 

The Tinder experiment unsurprisingly found that posing in front of more lucrative cars increased the number of matches. The most matched profile included a photo in front of a BMW i8 with a whopping 132 matches, nearly double the amount the profile received without the car (75).  This was shortly followed by Audi gaining 129 matches. Mercedes C class gained 98 matches, then Land rover (95 matches), then Nissan NV 200 and then Mini cooper (69 matches). 

BMW i8

PhotoCredit: ShutterStock/Teddy Leung

One study, investigating why women might be more attractive to men posing in front of expensive cars, found that it instantly made them appear “extra enticing.”  Furthermore, some women even admitted to going out with someone purely because of their car. 

Shockingly, men posing in front of a fiat 500 got FEWER matches - from 67 (without a car) to 41 (with the car). Similar results were also seen when posing in front of a Citroen.  

But what do men think about women who pose in front of cars?

The cars favoured by men

Similarly, the cars that seemed to please men the most was the BMW i8 (137 matches) and the Audi R8 (130). Followed by Land rover     (100 matches), Mercedes C class (98 matches), Nissan NV 200 (77 matches) and Mini cooper (68 matches). 

However, men were more likely to match with a woman posing in front of a land drover (100 matches), compared to men posing in front of the car (95 matches). 

Shockingly, women posing in front of a Fiat 500 gained 10 more swipes than without the photo.


If your car got fewer matches on tinder, don’t panic. Adding a personalised number plate will instantly make your car look more unique and attractive. Check out to find the perfect number plate for you. 

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