We've made it easier for you to personalise your private number plate by choosing your vehicle's make or model. Featuring well-known manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, Mercedez, Jaguar, VW, Tesla and many more.

Choosing a private plate based on the make or model of a car can be an option for those who like the particular brand associated with the vehicle. It's also a great option if you find it challenging to find a registration that matches your name, initials, or hobbies. These can be combined to create creative private plate names such as A5 SAM for Audi owners or MJ11 BMW for BMW owners. It provides the opportunities to generate an endless list of combinations for you when searching. The choice is all yours, and with over 60 million plates available with Click4Reg you have the opportunity to look through the entire selection of dateless plates. Additionally, you can contact us and we will assist you in finding the perfect fit for you. Click4Reg, we're sure you'll find something tailored to your needs.