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Car experts predict that very few people will own their vehicle outright in 10 years’ time, so how does that effect private number plates? Can you put a private plate on a lease car?

The short answer is yes, you can put a private plate on a lease car. However, despite being straightforward, it requires a little bit of work. The process is a little bit different to normal. So to help you through the process, we’ve created this handy guide to putting private plate on a lease car.


When it comes to insuring your vehicle, it is a known fact that your car, postcode or mileage can have an impact on the cost, but were you aware that your licence plate can have an impact too? If you are thinking about purchasing a personalised number plate, this is something you must consider and be aware of.

First things first, when you get a new number plate for your vehicle, you must

How well do YOU know your highway code? Driving in the UK is relatively safe, yet the nation still saw 171,000 accidents in 2017. And while the causes of these accidents vary, Click4reg thought that a major reason could be a lack of understanding of road and traffic signs. In this post, we’ll gloss over th

You might be considering fitting number plates for a number of reasons. Perhaps you want to change your current number plate for a private one, or maybe your number plate has been stolen. No matter the reason, if you are looking for ways to replace your reg plates, this guide should stand you in good stead.

Note: This blog will not explain how to acquire a number plate, for more information on

Creating a brand identity for your business can be both financially draining and time consuming, plus it’s very hard to get it right. With so many businesses appearing every day, it can be hard to stand out of the crowd. While online PR and advertising are a great way to do so, this can be very expensive, and it needs plenty of time allocated to getting it done.

A simpler, yet very effective, way to get your business seen is to have a company car.


Why are personalised number pla

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just the rich and famous who like to buy personalised number plates. In actual fact, for many motorists who own a private number plate on their car, they are used as a statement of individuality or an investment.

But, the real question is: why should one invest in a number plate? What are the benefits of making such an investment in the short and long term? Read on to find out.


The contents of this article are as follows:

If you have recently bought a new car, you may want to treat yourself to a brand-new personalised number plate. But you might be wondering how on earth you can transfer a new number plate to your vehicle? You will be pleased to know that the process for doing this is fairly straightforward and can be completed via post or even online.

You can purchase private number plates either on a Retention Certificate or transfer directly to a vehicle, so if you currently have your registration on a Certificate of Entitlement or Rete

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