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A growing number of drivers are having their vehicles modified and upgraded to make driving more comfortable, fun and enjoyable. Whilst your car could be the second most valuable asset in your life (the first being your home), drivers believe that adding high-luxury modifications and features to a car that are unusual could add value to your car when you decide to sell.

However, many drivers are unware that the same upgrades can drastically lower the value of their car on the resale market - not

One of London’s most prestigious universities, King’s College London has revealed that air pollution levels drastically plunged in central London on Sunday, as the 37th London Marathon took place. The marathon, a highlight for the sporting world, traditionally bans cars, buses, vans and trucks from driving on major routes. 

King’s College London found that harmful nitrogen oxides emissions had decreased by 89%; perhaps another nod t

Electric cars have up until now been considered a luxury, which perhaps only the wealthy could afford - much like private number plates. And albeit still astronomically priced, electric cars are beginning to lose their novelty and are seriously becoming a contender for a more viable form of transport. Not only a class of their own, in their design, speed and getaway power, they are economically and more environmentally friendly for many motorists who are

Spring is here, and summer will soon follow, with millions of Brits jetting off for some sunshine, warmer seas and sipping on countless Piña coladas. It’s all worth it once you arrive at your destination, but how do you get there?

Renting a car abroad isn’t everyone’s first choice, due to the uncertainty of how to drive in a country that you're unfamilar with. But renting a car abroad is proving even more popular

Analysing data from the Department for Transport (DfT), found, from 2015 to 2017, that those of all ages holding a driving licence has increased by 1,753,958 (4.6%). However, when categorising those aged 17-25, figures have indicated that the number of under 25s holding a full driving licence has increased by 4,634 – a mere 0.2%; showing that those over 25 are more likely to learn to drive.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has today released the latest information regarding motor insurance in the UK. Unfortunately for British motorists, the cost of insurance has gone into overdrive, as premiums reach a substantial new high of £481. The average motor premium has risen by 9% in 2017, which is to date an all-time high, adding almost £40 to

Figures from the Government Digital Service (GOV) show a whopping 4,499 accidents were caused by drink driving in the United Kingdom in 2016, where a police officer attended the scene. As per the report, “Contributory factor in reported accidents by severity, Great Britain, 2016”, it has been revealed that 136 of the accidents were fatal, 1,0

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