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With the New Year upon us, never has there been a more perfect time to reassess what you need – nay, what your car needs. All year long, the needs of your beloved motor may have slipped by the wayside (bar the annual MOT, insurance top-up and odd car wash when you’re feeling generous) and that needs to change: a personalised number plate may just be the luxury item both you and your automobile deserve – and never knew you needed! Let’s take a look at just some of the many benefits…


In 2016, the car is the most common means of transport for individuals of all ages, genders and income groups, with 90% of all passenger journeys being made by road. There are at present around 37.1 million vehicles registered on the roads (that’s 25.8 million cars), a 1.6 million increase since 2011, with the most pronounced increase in the South east at 373,200 more cars registered. This was the first time the second half of the year had exceeded 800,000 since 2003.

However, up until the 1990’s, annual trip

We live in a world where we have become dependent on the use of mobile phones. Whether it be for work, personal, social or general use - it is a device we feel attached to. It usually tends to be the first thing people check when they wake up and the last thing they see before going to sleep. So here at Click4Reg, we decided it was time to put together a useful and necessary guide on the UK mobile phone usage whilst driving. 


Why The Addiction?

Ofcom research astoundingl

Bad habits are often brushed aside by many. This is often due to people seeing them as relatively harmless, or believing that their consequences are unlikely to ever really impact upon them. Some are less harmful and more selfish, such as taking up two or more spaces when parking at the local supermarket, whereas others, such as fitting a rear-facing car seat in the front car seat where the airbags have not yet been deactivated can and has proven to be fatal. Almost everyone could admit to having done some of the more minor driving

Interestingly, a country will favour certain car manufacturers over others – whether that’s to do with brand recognition, brand loyalty or the suitability of the car for the road and weather conditions. 



Here we look at the top cars in the UK, Germany, India, Russia and Japan and why a particular trend of what's available exists.



The subcompact, reliable Ford Fiesta has long reigned as the number one choice of car

Brits are very proud of their worldwide reputation for politeness and courtesy. But behind the wheel, there is almost no trace of that renowned politeness. In fact, Brits have been found to be among the angriest drivers in the world. Results of multiple studies on the issue reveal that more than 80 percent of Brits have been victims of road rage at some point in their lives, with nearly as many admitting to commit road rage themselves. What is equally concerning is that the overwhelming majority of angry drivers don’t th

Potholes these days seem to have become a persistent fixture for most drivers during their journeys. Recent research by Britannia Rescue found that in Britain potholes take up a total area of 295 square miles (764 square km). Astonishingly, that is more than twice the size of Isle of Wight. Whilst most drivers recognise what potholes are, many do not truly recognise the consequence of driving over them. We have sourced some useful information about how potholes are formed, the significance of the risk they pose to cars on the road

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