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A £1.6billion project for a controversial road tunnel near Stonehenge has been given the final go-ahead by government ministers after 30 years of arguments from archaeologists, druids and conservation experts. 

Chris Grayling, the Transport Secretary has approved plans to build a 1.8mile tunnel which will extend the A303 past the World Heritage Site. The construction has been approved by Historic England and The National Trust and English Heritage, the charity who manages the site. English Heritage claims that

One of the largest car manufactures in the UK, has agreed to launch an initiative for UK consumers to trade in their cars which are more than seven years old, by offering £2,000 for some of the newer models. Ford, is to accept petrol cars as well as diesel, unlike schemes by BMW and Mercedes who are only accepting diesel cars for trade. 

In an effort to control air quality, Ford are also scrapping their part-exchanged vehicles, and campaigners are heralding their move as a step in the right direction, despite t

Newly released data from the RAC foundation for motoring, declares the total income from parking in England 2015-16 exceeded £1.5 billion; 4% higher than in 2014-15.

Per the report titled ‘Local Authority Parking Finances in England 2015-16’, it was found income from on-street tickets and permits totalled £483 million (up 2%.) A further £338 million came from on-street penalty charges

Offences involving powered two-wheel vehicles, such as scooters and mopeds, have skyrocketed in London over the last few years, and more noticeably since the beginning of this year. Currently, the crime wave is largely confined to the capital, with a staggering 54 victims being targeted per day. Police fear that this rise in crime will soon become an epidemic and spread to the rest of the UK. There are two parts to this fast-emerging crime trend: the theft of the scooters themselves and the offences for which they are used for.&nbs

With the number of billionaires rising by 17% globally in 2017, it is only natural that the number of luxury car registrations increase too. However, with the rich being as much as 14% richer this year, we have witnessed an increased in so-called ‘super’ luxury cars. ‘Ultra’ or ‘super’ luxury brands include Ferrari, Bugatti, McLaren and Lamborghini; new registrations globally revealed a record number of 28,500 units registered. This was a double-digit growth for the market.

The UK

In a recent plan proposed by the government, Britain is due to ban all new petrol and diesel cars from 2040. As part of the government’s ‘clean air plan’, ministers have backed the ban due to the unnecessary and avoidable impact the poor air quality around Britain is having on people’s health. This comes after a report suggested that nitrogen oxide is polluting the air and posing a major risk to public health. 
The government have announced a £3 billion ‘clean air’ strategy in a

Hiring a car abroad can be a hassle to say the least. It should be an easy process, but different insurance policies and conditions of hire makes it difficult and highly time-consuming. The Automobile Association (AA) indicate that anyone thinking of hiring a car whilst abroad should plan ahead. If you arrange the rental of a car weeks, if not months, before flying abroad, you can easily compare suppliers, work out the costs including fixed and extras. By doing this, not only can you save yourself hundreds of pounds’ worth of

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