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If you are thinking about purchasing a brand-new vehicle, there are some things you need to know about new registration plates if you haven’t bought a brand-spanking-new car before from a dealership before. Here is everything you need to know about new vehicle registrations and when they come out. 


When do new vehicle registrations come out?

In the UK, new vehicle registrations are new-series government releases which change twice a year – the first being in M

For many of us, cars are an essential part of our lives. With more car brands and innovative models available on the market than ever before, it is equally an exciting time to be a car enthusiast as well as someone on the look-out for a new car.

Here at Click4reg, we were interested to explore the cars that have proven most popular in 2019. We pulled search engine data from reputable analytics tool SEMrush to d

Research conducted by GoCompare had already revealed that drivers of luxury car brands such as Audi, BMW, or Mercedes were most likely to be convicted of a driving offence or cause an accident on the road. Here at Click4Reg, we’ve decided to gauge public opinion and find out what people think of different car brand drivers. We’ve consulted Google search trends and surveyed 2,000 people in order to determine who the best and worst drivers by car brand are in terms of their reputat

Standard license plate lights are halogen based and tend to give out dim light, this can also depend on the age and make of a particular vehicle.

Those who have paid quite a lot for custom license plates will definitely want them to be highly visible at night and during bad weather conditions. In order to make sure this is the case, it is necessary for them to learn how to install license plate lights on their own, to show off their number plate in the best way p

Cars are expensive purchases that should be made after doing some research, history of recall, reputation of the brand and dealer are also factor you should consider. And while if you are looking to resell it you can usually expect to get less than you paid for it initially, there are certain things that will decrease the value of your car exponentially more.

If you want to know what decreases the value of a car, then keep reading!


We’re all aware of the fact that, once you first lower your foot on the gas pedal, your newly bought car’s price drops dramatically. The devaluation varies from vehicle to vehicle but is typically between 15 to 35% after the first year and up or just over 50% over a three year period.

The following tips will explain how to increase the value of your car once you’ve decided it’s time to resell.


In 1989, the first year the DVLA began selling personalised registrations, only 658 were sold. Since then, sales figures in excess of 4.5 million have been recorded, with 2015-16 seeing a record 334,818 registrations sold. The rise in popularity of personalised number plates has much to do with car lovers’ thirst for adding personal touches to their treasured vehicles.   

Once you’ve settled o

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