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When the government announced a change in how compensation payments are calculated, Justice Secretary, Liz Truss announced that those affected by medical negligence, car crashes and other incidents stand to get more money; the measure in relation to a calculation called the Discount Rate, which has been unchanged since 2001 but has now fallen from 2.5% to minus 0.75%.

Changes will affect motor insurance premiums across the board and Click4Reg spoke exclusively to AXA Insurance about the imminent changes. AXA’s Techn

On March 1st, Brits saw driving laws change dramatically, with enforcement punishments becoming increasingly harsher, adding six points to your license if laws are not obeyed. However, with what seems a positive change towards safer roads, it seems strange to think that the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is at its highest in Europe, have we forgotten about the danger drink driving can cause? 

For years, drink driving related accidents have been an issue, with a reported 31,420 related drink driving casualtie

The new car market is currently thriving in the UK, as the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT), found the new car market grew by 8.4% in March alone. SMMT exists to support and positively promote the needs and interests of the UK automotive industry in the UK and abroad. 

Their latest figures suggested that March has become the biggest month for the automotive sector, with 562,337 cars registered in one month. This figure is more than double the nu

Many remember their driving test as one of the most life changing experiences of their life. A driving test as nerve racking as it is, the test fills learners with an abundance of adrenaline, paving their way to freedom. However, as many know, it is never an easy ride. With so much to think about on the day, a sudden slight change in traffic, a car not indicating, or a simple mistake can lead to a disheartening fail. This is not least the case for those learning to drive in London. 

With London recently being named a

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge drove away from their wedding with one that read JU5T Wed. Boxer Amir Khan has one that reads BOX IIIG. Even 70s singing sensation Engelbert Humperdink has one on his Rolls Royce Corniche that reads EH 1. You may love your personalised number plate – but are you sure it’s legal?

Yup, personalised number plates are enjoyed by celebrities and non-celebs alike, whether as a bit of cheeky wedding fun or just plain showing-off! Although a personalised number plate usually cost

Every young individual’s motivation to drive is different. Many can’t wait to pass their driving test so they can have the freedom to go anywhere they desire without being reliant on public transport or anyone else. Whilst many others would rather wait until they absolutely need to. With many graduate roles and schemes listing a driving license as ‘desirable’, explored reasons why driving can really boost a students employment prospect

Not only do private number plates make a worthy present for a loved-one, friend or even as a treat for yourself, there are a number of advantages at hand, including a long-term investment. And with the festive season almost halfway through, there is no reason why you can’t indulge and kill two birds with one stone – a private number plate for someone who loves to be individual and for someone who just can’t get enough of Christmas. 

Festive themed

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