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If you have recently bought a new car, you may want to treat yourself to a brand-new personalised number plate. But you might be wondering how on earth you can transfer a new number plate to your vehicle? You will be pleased to know that the process for doing this is fairly straightforward and can be completed via post or even online.

You can purchase private number plates either on a Retention Certificate or transfer directly to a vehicle, so if you currently have your registration on a Certificate of Entitlement or Rete

With a plethora of personalised number plates on the market, deciding on the perfect number plate for your car is not easy – especially when you are splurging out a lot of money. Once you have decided on an available combination, it is time to head to your local garage or visit an online personalised number plate company. However, before going ahead, you must have the

Car and number plate theft has been on the rise. Due to increasingly advanced technologies in ANPR in use by the police, criminals can no longer get away with creating fake number plates. So instead they are stealing and cloning them. It can cost a lot if you have been a victim of number plate theft/cloning, not to mention the emotional stress if you don’t know what to do. Therefore, this guide aims to advise you on actions to take if your number plate has been stolen.




Car registration plates are used to identify you and your car. But unfortunately, they are not always 100% effective due to misidentification, licence plate theft and cloning. What if we told you, then, that emerging is a type of number plate with the potential to do so much more and accurately? It’s called an e-plate, and we’re going to explain a little bit about them.

You’ve decided you want to buy a personalised number plate – great! The wealth of designs to choose from and the ability to customise it yourself will feel freeing. The only problem, however, is the price. Of course everyone wants to save money, but not at the expense of a rubbish design that you don’t really like. So, how about a cheap number plate that you do like? We’ll guide you through how to find cheap number plates that tick all the boxes.

When considering if you should sell your personalised number plates, it is crucial to provide prospective buyers with a realistic quote. On the one hand, you want to make a profit. We get that. It is easy for sellers to undervalue their plates and lose out. Perhaps, they could have charged a bit more for some extra cash in their pocket. 


On the other hand, being too assumptious can diminish your reputation by putting off the erudite buyer. Rather than making big bucks, you may find the a for sale sig

Buying a personalised number plate is a fun and exciting experience, almost, if not as fun as, purchasing a new vehicle. People buy personalised number plates so that their cars can stand out and look more expensive. Furthermore, if they don’t display a person’s name, they might represent something specific about the individual’s identity which they are proud of and would like to show via a private number plate. If you’re unsure about where to get a new number plate ideal for your vehicle – wonder no m

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