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When buying a gift for somebody, especially if that person is a loved one, it’s very hard to surprise them with something new after a while. If you are struggling to buy a gift and are seeking inspiration, a personal gift plate can be a great choice that would suit almost every occasion. Whether it’s a birthday gift or a wedding gift, a personalised number plate would be an excellent choice for almost anybody, whether they already have a car or they are planning

Personalised number plates are a fun way to express your identity and personality through your car. If you are searching for private number plate ideas for somebody, or you are looking to buy one for yourself, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Whether you want it to say a name or to let people know what your favourite hobby is, here are some ideas for you to choose from.

To get things started, you need to master the art of autonumerology, wh

Whether you are getting one for yourself or you are buying it as a gift, a private number plate is a fun way to give your car some personality. Private number plates are known to be quite costly, and buyers need to keep an eye out for those that are being sold overpriced. If you are looking to buy cheap private number plates under £200, then you need to have

New research which was conducted by submitting a Freedom of Information Request (FOI) to 39 police forces across the UK has revealed Britain’s most dangerous roads, identifying the areas with the highest number of accidents in 2017. 

The figures were compiled by UK Carline and the data assessed statistics in December 2017, receiving 27 responses. Whether you love or loathe motorway driving, it remains the

Birmingham is to host the world’s first zero emission vehicle summit as exemplar of the government's Industrial Strategy, latest news reveals. The summit is due to take place in September 2018 and will focus on vehicle technology to tackle carbon emissions and to find ways to improve air quality.

Chris Grayling, the current Transport Secretary, discloses: “The government is commi

From Monday 4th June 2018, learner drivers will be able to take driving lessons on motorways in England, Scotland and Wales. According to, this will help to make sure more drivers know how to use motorways safely.

The news is much to the delight of learner drivers, driving instructors and existing drivers, as the motorway seems to be the one area of driving that no one has ever understood how to u

A growing number of drivers are having their vehicles modified and upgraded to make driving more comfortable, fun and enjoyable. Whilst your car could be the second most valuable asset in your life (the first being your home), drivers believe that adding high-luxury modifications and features to a car that are unusual could add value to your car when you decide to sell.

However, many drivers are unware that the same upgrades can drastically lower the value of their car on the resale market - not

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