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If you would like to get a private number plate made, you can’t simply walk off the street and purchase one. Instead you must ensure are getting a number plate made up from a registered number plate supplier, such as a registered garage or online personalised number plate company, and have the correct DVLA documentation and identification to hand to prove who you are. But the

With another year coming to end, it is the perfect time to reflect on 2019. Unfortunately, from mopped and scooter crime, to knife crime, the UK has seemed more lawless than ever in the past year. With this in mind, we have decided to take a look at the vehicle crime statistics across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and discover the outcome for these crimes- whether justice was served or if vehicle criminals remain at large. 


During the winter months, your car faces excessive strain with heavy wind, rain and even snow. If you want to avoid any unexpected maintenance and servicing bills, make sure you prepare your car before winter.

Unsure how to prepare your car for winter weather? Don’t stress

Click4Reg has listed 7 easy steps to keep your car on the roads.


1. Get your car serviced

Is your car due a service? It is recommended to

Back in April, we conducted research to find out which road signs Brits knew best. This time, we wanted to open it up to all of the rules of the road: specifically, the unusual driving laws we weren’t aware we were breaking. 

With over 300 laws and counting in The Highway Code, it can be hard for motorists to keep track. But while we’re probably on top of the basics, are there any weird traffic l

Are you aware of the benefits of electric cars? Electric vehicles have been a huge trend in 2019, with over 60,000 electric vehicles now on the road in the UK. However, many citizens are still unaware of the advantages electric vehicles can bring.

Click4Reg, has listed the four key points you need to know!


Green number plates for electric cars

In a recent report, some electric cars across the UK, are being offered green pl

Click4reg have always been intrigued by a little bit of nostalgia. From purchasing a dream car to reuniting with a long lost cherished plate, we love to hear about it. And as car lovers, we’ve recently been on the hunt to find what we think are the best cars of all time.

Plus, now it doesn’t have to be just opinion – what better way to discover than with a study that quizzes participants on their knowledge of d

Buying a car can be a complicated process at the best of times, so knowing what to do when buying a car is important to ensure you get the best car and deal for you. As a result, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to buying a used car in the UK, containing everything you need to know and consider during the buying process.

But first, before going ahead and making any decisions, it is important to ask yourself some questions before buying a car. Consider the following: 

- Do I real

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